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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kathy Zant, and this is my home on the web. 

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I’ve been a user of WordPress for well over 10 years. Recently I’ve been working to give back to the open-source platform that has made my life easier and the community that has welcomed and embraced me so much. I assisted with the production of Open | The Community Code, a film about WordPress community, I’ve spoken at numerous WordCamp events, and I helped organize WordCamp Phoenix for 2019-2020.

While you’re here, you can read some of my most recent blog postscontact mesee where I’m going, or learn more about me.

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I am a speaker

Need a speaker? I love talking about WordPress, the community, the open web, publishing online, security, hacking, and innovation. I also like to talk about changing mindsets to live a more fulfilling life. I do my best to inject comedy and fun into every talk I do. When it stops being fun, I’ll stop altogether. What’s the point of doing something that isn’t fun?

I’d be happy to discuss your event’s needs and prepare a presentation specific to your needs. Or you can peruse my past talks and see if something fits.

I’m happy to jump on Zoom or other channels to bring knowledge to your team, just ask!

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