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Gain confidence in marketing, product-market fit, community, and securing what you have.

Whatever online marketing, WordPress, or security challenges you face, I can help.

Connecting with users, create buzz and excitement, or keep your assets safe from malicious attackers, I’ve helped brands do all of this and more.

Accelerate Growth

Leverage existing marketing to better resonate with prospective customers and encourage connection.

Solidify Strategy

Determine strategies for encouraging prospects to connect with your brand, become customers, & influence others.

Proven Tactics

Identify the most cost effective actions that achieve your strategy’s success with measurable RO on your marketing initiatives.

What people say about working with me

Kathy’s approach to marketing is unique, in that she seamlessly blends traditional marketing techniques with innovative strategies to engage with customers on a personal level. Her ability to understand the needs and wants of a customer community is unparalleled.
Kristen Wright
Marketing, Day One
Kathy is not only highly skilled in the theoretical aspects of marketing but also excels at practical implementation. She is proficient in utilizing various digital marketing platforms, social media channels, and data analytics tools to optimize campaigns and deliver measurable results. Her proficiency with marketing automation and CRM systems has streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and boosted overall efficiency within our team.
Lew Ayotte
Engineering, Vultr
Here’s the thing about Kathy: she’s remarkable.

Kathy blends the heart and soul of marketing with the mind of WordPress mastery. It’s a rare mix. Visionary strategy? She’s got it. Hands-on hard work? She can do it. In a world where finding both is a diamond in the rough, Kathy shines.
Hazel Quimpo
CMO, The Clever

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