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Thoughts on life, privacy, security, and the Great Awakening of Humanity, sometimes in that order. Comedy sometimes included. Newsletter is sent out weekly, usually on Saturdays. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so via the form below. Easy unsubscribe. Or you can always pop in and read here.

Issue 8:2020-10-04Keynote, podcast, and rising above the fray
Issue 7: 2020-09-07Subscribers only
Issue 6:2020-08-29Subscribers only
Issue 5: 2020-08-22Subscribers only
Issue 4: 2020-08-15Happening Now! Whether you like it or not
Issue 3: 2020-08-08The Virtue of Meritocracy
Issue 2:2020-08-01Roll Your Own
Issue 1:2020-07-25A Matter of Trust
Prelude:2020-07-21Is This Still On?

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