Kathy Zant

Well, hello.

I’m Kathy Zant.

I’m a writer, speaker, geek, and a mom.

I’m into: honesty, empowerment, the truth, meditation, long walks with dogs, cookies, coffee, and being fully present.

Though I no longer live there, I consider Mount Shasta my home on earth. I lived there in a beautiful home on a beautiful homestead for 9 years. My kids grew up there and I learned of the mysterious beauty of earth as she is meant to be. I miss it tremendously, and I will be back.

While there I learned how to deepen my intuition, heal myself with plant-based medicine, forage for food, and live without a furnace or air conditioner. I also fell in love with golden retrievers.

mount shasta california
WordCamp Phoenix Org Team

I spent a couple of years in the Phoenix area. My fondest memories there consisted of these fine people, the WordCamp Phoenix organizing committee. Even if I was still in Phoenix, I’d have to pass on helping out due to life changes, but I deeply enjoyed my time there primarily because of the people.

I currently live in the rural outskirts of Dallas, Texas. I’m here mostly for this kid, who wanted to be here due to the plethora of equestrian activities. She told me at age 3 that she wanted parallel oxers in the backyard. I believe her. She came into this world wanting to ride, and here she is.

Claire riding Mozart
WCUS Open Community Code

For over two decades, I’ve helped people get more out of technology. From explaining how DNS works to a c-suite at a major airline to helping Sally get her cat blog secured, I’m motivated by making the seemingly complex technology of our world much easier for everyone. I don’t believe there are “technical” people vs. “non-technical” people. Everyone can code. Especially women.

I’ve been involved with the WordPress community over the last few years, primarily as a speaker at many WordCamps around the world but also as an organizer for WordCamp Phoenix for 2019-2020 and WordCamp US 2021.

Life is too short to not have fun. If it’s not fun, even if it used to be, stop. Full. Stop.

My days are filled with my golden retriever Bodhi and my dachshund Milo. I write every day, walk at least 2 miles every morning. I meditate frequently, do yoga daily, and try to find comedy in everything I do. Read what I am doing now.