Recommended Resources

All of the resources I recommend here are those with which I have a great deal of familiarity. I don’t recommend resources based on what they pay, rather these are tools I’ve used that are quite helpful. If I’ve written a review, those will be linked below as well. Some of these recommendations are not affiliate links. I’ve noted those below as well.

Password Managers

I am a huge proponent of using password managers to manage your credentials. As it currently stands, passwords are broken. While companies catch up with passkeys, use a password manager, strong and unique passwords, and two factor authentication. With the recent LastPass debacle, many are looking for a new option.

I highly recommend NordPass. They have two plans, one for business and one for personal use. Here’s my review of NordPass.

Get 2 years of NordPass with 1 month free for a personal account. Or, use code kathyzant at the checkout.

Or, get 3 months free on their impressive business plan using the same code.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

When you’re traveling and accessing networks, you want to make sure your connection is secure and encrypted to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks that steal your data. I cannot recommend Private Internet Access enough.

Get 4 months free with my special deal with Private Internet Access. This VPN works with a dedicated IP address, so the services that normally block VPNs won’t block you.

If you want to anonymize your requests to stay private, CyberGhost (a product from the same company) protects your privacy while browsing online, no matter where you are. My special deal also gives you four months free for CyberGhost.

Domain Registration

  • Cloudflare. Not only does Cloudflare offer exceptional content delivery network and security services, they offer very inexpensive domain registration.
  • Namecheap. Namecheap provides a number of services, but I’m only familiar with their domain registration. Easy to use interface.

Website Hosting

There are so many options in the website hosting world, and you can get started inexpensively. What you need in a host is a very personal decision. If you have technical familiarity and you are in the WordPress world, consider SpinupWP.

If you’re looking for a company with exceptional customer support, A2 Hosting can help.

Working on a budget and just getting started, Dreamhost can get you started. is doing some great things with speed and performance.

Website Builders

I am firmly in the camp that you should build on open source. There are a variety of reasons why, but I’ll start with the most important: community. The WordPress community is helpful, diverse, and everywhere. There is a learning curve, but you’ll be fully empowered by a community of developers, designers, and educators who can help you do almost anything. There’s a reason WordPress powers 40%+ of the internet. You’ll want to do more once you get it installed, so here are some other tools:

Kadence. When you’ve got the hang of WordPress and you’re looking for speed and ease of build, then you can easily start building with Kadence and Kadence Blocks. As with most things in the WordPress space, Kadence has a number of free tools to get you started and paid tools when you’re building more feature rich sites.


I am a big fan of ConvertKit for good reason. Powerful tools, an easy and simple to use interface, and tons of content with ideas to help you become more successful.

Privacy & Security

If privacy is important to you and your customers, but you still want to track your site’s traffic, Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics. Get 10% off with this link.

Stop sharing your correspondence with big data. Get off Gmail, etc. and start using either ProtonMail or Tuta.


Pond5 is a great place to get music.

For easy editing, I cannot say enough about Descript for editing both video and audio. You can also record videos very easily, too.

Streamyard is AMAZING for live-streaming. Nothing to install, just right in your Chrome browser. Connect it to YouTube for high impact live events, Facebook to connect with community, or even to Twitter for whatever the heck is going on over there these days.

Podcasting is a breeze with Castos. Not only do they have a gorgeous player that fits anywhere on your site, they will host the MP3 file on their servers, help you syndicate to all of the important services. If you’re looking to record with interviews, Riverside is an amazing tool for recording.