Do you know who you really are?

We define ourselves by our roles in life: our jobs, our career, our roles as mother, father, wife, or husband. We define ourselves by our status, our home, or our cars, boats, or toys.

All of these things define us in the three dimensional world, yet none of these things define who we really are. All of the roles can change in a heartbeat, but who we really are never changes.

When we die and look back over our life experiences, we won’t remember the things, the toys, or the jobs. We’ll remember who and how much we loved.

In essence, who we really are is love. Who we really are is joy.

When you strip away all of the accoutrements of life on planet earth, we are only love. And yet, we spend very little of our time in this time and space matrix, experiencing who we really are.

I mean, really. How much of every day is spent feeling that connection to all that is through the feeling of love for others, love of earth, and love of life itself? If you’re like me, likely not very much. And yet, that’s all we are underneath our emotional and mental patterns.

Do you know what Satori is? (If not, it is defined as a sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination.) It is a feeling of that connection and knowingness. I’ve felt it a few times in my life, I mean, REALLY felt it.

How often do you have those feelings of enlightenment and illumination? Is it the exception rather than the rule? How can we switch that experience so that enlightened experiences happen more frequently?

In the reality we are now creating, Satori experiences will begin to become more normalized, not the exception. In the reality that we are now creating, knowing who you really are and experiencing your true self every day is going to be much more normal and accepted. It’s part of humanity’s awakening, and it is why so many systems are dying on this planet right now.

Wouldn’t that be great? How would your relationships with others change for the better if you could experience who you really are — and even who they really are — on a regular basis?

It won’t come from outside of you

But often, we sit waiting for events on the outside to show up to make us feel that. Remember all of those times you waited for someone to call, but you didn’t want to break tradition and call them? Remember how you would say things like, “If only I could have that car, I would be happy.” Or “If only I had that house, that husband, or those clothes.” Or even worse, we never find happiness. We instead get locked into the experience of avoiding fear. “As long as the economy is going great and I have money, I will be happy.” And yet, you start getting money, and you are never happy. How much is enough?

What a crazy concept to the real you. The real you is happiness. Happiness is not something that shows up in a 3 dimensional object. Happiness is something that you are. It is you. Love is you. Anything that gets in the way of you being you is just distraction and garbage. It is not the truth of who you are.

I stopped waking up first thing in the morning to check my email. It took some discipline and commitment, but I found that it got my brain spinning in directions I didn’t want it to go just yet. I have all day to worry about getting things done, but my mornings are special. I enjoy my time communing with spirit and remembering who I am. I get up very early (5:30 am) to have this time. And this is my time to write, my time to connect, and my time to remember. It infuses my day with a remembrance that this world is temporary, but the real me is eternal.

Are you remembering your eternal self on a regular basis, or are you getting lost in the three dimensional reality?

When you sleep, you visit other worlds. In dream state, you let go of all that you think you are, and you realize that your roles are malleable and impermanent. You play. You explore other probable selves in other space/time games.

And you think this is the reality, and the dream state is not. What if that were reversed? What if this is not real, and the dream state is much more reflective of who you really are?

Bringing Home Here

I have recently come across Dolores Cannon’s work. She talks about the three waves of “volunteers” who came to this earth to help escort the shift through. I am definitely one of these beings, as are many of the people I know. I see elements in all of them. One of the biggest ways I know when someone is of another place is that they often say, “I’m just tired. I want to go home, but I don’t know where home is.”

Wherever this home is, there is a definite experience of knowing the self much more than life experience on earth. And when we express that we want to go home, we are really expressing that we want to feel that connection again.

I’ve discovered that it is not hard.

Remembering who you are is like a muscle of experience. Like our intuitive selves, it comes through to us when we practice concentrating our attention on the feeling. We create our experience of life here on earth through our beliefs and attitudes towards it, and we have much more power and control over those beliefs, attitudes and experience than we would ever allow ourselves.

But now, it is time.

It’s time for us to start coming forth and choosing the power over our experience. And we do that through our decision to exercise our minds.

Connecting to your home

Drop your attention into your heart center. You’re likely spending lots of time in your mind, but your heart center has more power over your experience than you realize. As you drop your attention to your heart, imagine that it is a place where two energies meet. Imagine universal energy coming in from the space above your head and traveling down to your heart. Imagine energy coming up from the center of the earth and meeting the universal energy there. Imagine that there is so much energy coming from these sources that your heart awareness expands. Imagine that this energy is swirling in your heart center. This energy is you. This energy is love, joy, happiness, and excitement, and it is all that you are. You are one with the earth and one with the universe, and that energy blended is your creative power of manifestation.

Choose one object, preferably inanimate. Concentrate that energy like a beam of light coming forth from your chest and send this energy out to this object. As you are concentrating and holding this energy, use your mind for what it is good for: observation. Observe the magic of what happens. Try to hold this awareness for at least 3 minutes.

I won’t tell you what happens when I do this, but I will tell you to not only observe this object, but observe yourself, too. What do you feel when you hold this experience? What do you notice in this object?

I am going to bet that something shifts, but that something depends on you. You’re not going to change, the object is not going to change, but your awareness is going to change. What’s going to change is something that isn’t you, something that is not the object, something that is not even real.

Something falls away when you start to experience who you really are through concentration and focus. Something falls away when you start connecting with the knowledge that you are more than you ever allowed yourself to be.

Who you really are is so much more than what you have ever been taught, told, or allowed.

And yet, it is all you ever are. It is all you ever will be. Isn’t that great? How does it get any better than that?

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