I had a great time at WordFest yesterday, and I wanted to make sure links to some memorable content are available here.

My community interview. I had a great conversation with Matt Medeiros about WordPress, parenting kids in the age of technology, and the future of WordCamps.

How to Create a Kick-Ass Editorial Calendar + Actionable Content Briefs with Maddy Osman. Maddy shares a lot of great advice about SEO content creation. Biggest takeaway that I am considering: if you’re not sure of your target persona, don’t even publish. Of course, as I get ready to click that button as a part of this 30 day challenge, I am pondering such things. If I click the button gingerly, is it okay if I am still figuring that out? Honestly, I think it’s okay to guess and test, and iterate upon those things. It’s okay to fail.

Meditating My Way to Success with Jodie Fiorenza. A serendipitous mix up in the schedule/planning meant that my co-emcee Sophia DeRosia, Jodie and I got to spend about 30 minutes talking about the importance of getting connected to that ever-present now, the gifts of the next generation of tech leaders and WordPress users, and so much more. I really enjoyed chatting with these folks.

I also enjoyed listening to both Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, the founders of WordPress.

Watching these sessions is completely free, but you do need to register. If you can spare $10, however, consider donating as a part of your registration to help Big Orange Heart in their mission to support the mental health of remote workers in the WordPress space.

My biggest takeaway from the entire event, however, was how much I miss WordCamps. I didn’t think I would. I thought that I could immerse myself in other ways to remain connected to my fellow WordPress humans, but I miss the dynamic of sitting next to a new WordPress user and helping them empower themselves with publishing and creating online. I am looking forward to getting back to in-person events someday soon.

This is day 3 of ClickPublish.

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