Welcome! I trust you’re here because you watched my presentation at WooSesh 2021 about the Six Proven Ways to Make More Sales with WooCommerce. If you haven’t seen it yet, and it’s within the first 7 days of the event, you can find it on the replays.

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Here are the full slides for the presentation that you can download and review.

Resources mentioned

There might be some resources I have here that I didn’t mention in the presentation.

1. Know your Customers and Market

2. Go Where Your Customers Are

  • Pew Research Center stats on social media usage in 2021. Monitor this going forward as trends change, usually because of those pesky kids.
  • Twitter “Hello literally everyone
  • Buffer.com to schedule posts. Spend a day batch scheduling posts.
  • UTM.io to track the efficacy of your social posting. UTM codes will feed into Google Analytics so you can see what works (and what does not)

3. Build and Nurture Your Email List

  • Customers want personalized experiences, something you can only offer when you know your customers.
  • Incentives for subscribers.
    • Coupon code.
    • Ultimate guide.
    • Cheat sheet.
    • Interview you’ve done.
    • Exclusive Recipe.
    • How to do something guide.
    • Coupon codes.
    • Video guide.
    • Quiz – take the quiz and get your results by email.
  • HubSpot’s ultimate guide to content marketing.

4. Create a Welcoming Environment

  • Cloudflare’s research on site speed and conversion rates.
  • Google’s lighthouse site speed measurement tool. Use this often to see how your site is performing for your users, and for search engine optimization as these are all ranking factors. Core Web Vitals are new ranking factors that were added this year.
  • Set up on-site search so customers can find things, turn on the on-site search tracking in Google Analytics so you can measure this.
  • The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57%.
  • Make your checkout specific to your customers and your industry.
  • Remove friction to ensure that customers check out.
  • Squeeze that checkout page by removing any other distractions once they get to a purchase decision.
    • Remove navigation
    • Remove footer
    • Remove all checkout form fields that are irrelevant to your customers
  • HotJar heat maps.
  • Asset cleanup will help speed up your site (free plugin).

5. Always Be Testing and Measuring

6. Continue Communicating Value After the Sale

  • Acquiring new customers costs five times as much as it costs to retain existing customers.
  • A new customer is 5%–20% likely to make a purchase, while existing customers are 60%–70% more likely to make a purchase.
  • Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase your profits of at least 25%.
  • Have fun with receipts, how to customize WooCommerce receipts.
  • The CDBaby famous shipping notification email.

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All business is about people first, profits are merely the symptom of successful relationships. – Kathy Zant, WooSesh 2021

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