The television news. It is there to inform, but it is also incendiary. It incites emotion. To see the tragedies, we cannot help but be moved and inspired for action to make it stop.

The television news. It has often been used to not inform, but to influence. To tell a story for a purpose, to persuade and skew opinion.

The television news. It is only powerful when you believe it, when you allow the emotional influence often based on half truths vying for views and ratings and advertising dollars. And online news sources such as Buzzfeed, etc. are even worse, clicks and measurement and heat maps and marketing. I live there. We know what’s up.

We’ve talked a lot about “fake news” over the last few years, and Americans are waking up. Many are looking for primary sources of information instead of being spoon fed their daily beliefs, yet more awakening needs to occur.

But what happens when you step outside and chat with a neighbor, look up at the sky, play with a smiling dog, dig your toes into the grass, and reconnect with earth? Does the news matter so much? Is it even real?

Much needs to be done, yes. I know. I see. We’ll always have to work for justice, fairness, and freedom. We should never take our rights and our freedom for granted. This year, 2020, is a crash course civics lesson for anyone who didn’t pay attention in high school.

But the news is not our friend.

We are each others keeper, and to keep that intact, we must unplug from the manipulative little box that tries to wedge divide where there is none.

At our core, you know this. Underneath the pain and sadness and outrage, you and I are like the toddler kiddos running towards each other only concerned with being present in the now moment of joy and love of exploration and each other. This, my friends, is who we really are.

We’ll get back there. Someday. We can’t help but be who we really are. I have faith in us. I can see that purity of soul emerging. Can you?

Featured image photo by Amal George on Unsplash

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