The Wealth Diet and Speaking My Truth

The Wealth DietLast year, I started writing The Wealth Diet. But it kept coming out wonky and blocked. Then, I started writing again on with a group of people as a part of The Wealth Diet experiment.

I wrote from my heart, and I wrote my truth. And the words flowed like a river.

What was difficult before became easy once I wrote from my heart, from my truth, from the center of my being.

I’m not sure if “The Wealth Diet” is the best title for my book. It’s not necessarily about money, but it sure is about experiencing wealth. The Wealth Diet is about living the best life you can possibly live, and it is about living from your heart.

The exercises in The Wealth Diet can be used to create any type of wealth. They are simple to do and easy. You don’t need a coaching program, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. All you need is readily available to you, inexpensive, easy to understand, and simple.

That’s right. I said it. Creating wealth is an incredibly simple process.

Getting outside help is helpful at times. Therapy is helpful, too. Be judicious about those you hire as trusted advisers. There is no multi-thousand dollar program that will make you wealthy.

You will make yourself wealthy. You do it by allowing yourself to experience the wealth that you are.

In The Wealth Diet, I share a number of personal stories about my experiments in manifestation. These stories go back to when I was a child, and many of them happened in over 15 years ago. These stories are all examples coupled with exercises that will help you in your own journey of uncovering wealth.

No one can do it for you.

I also share my stories from some experiences while living and working in Austin, Texas. We left Texas rather abruptly, and in response to the a “last straw, final wake up call” situation. It was time to leave. Since leaving, there have been many requests for us to tell our tale, and we haven’t. It hasn’t been the right time, and it hasn’t had the right energy.

In The Wealth Diet, I tell one of those stories. The context is a lesson, and it is from my perspective. My intent in telling this story is to help people recognize when they are in a situation where they are giving away their power.

Conflict Avoidance Creates More Conflict

Unfortunately, that story got someone’s dander in the air, from all accounts I have received. I, like many others, have been threatened to “keep quiet.”

As I kept quiet over the last few years, my writing suffered. And I am a writer, first and foremost. I made a decision to keep quiet to avoid conflict, and instead I felt a conflict within myself. It was as if I was in a prison of my own making, a silent, invisible prison of fire.

I was choosing to put myself in that situation because of the threats. I couldn’t speak up. I couldn’t speak out. And when I tried, I held back. My priority was to avoid conflict.

I finally made a decision to speak my truth, and the dam broke. I began to feel the words gushing forward in a rush. My connection to Spirit returned full force, and I began receiving guidance and messages not only about what to write next, but what to do next.

My priority now is not to avoid conflict, but to stay centered in the truth of my heart. I have expended so much energy avoiding this conflict due to the threats, staying centered in the truth of my heart has been a foreign journey. And that is the saddest part of all of this.

The Wealth Diet is not about my experiences in Texas, but it is about my experience of generating wealth… before, during, and after Texas. There are some stories. My apologies to the people this offends.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

The Wealth Diet is about claiming your own power and living from a place of power, and how I have done that. That is personal wealth. And you cannot have truly wealthy experiences until you claim your own power, love yourself, and forgive others. You cannot have true power until you stand up to the bullies who hope to keep you down, servile, and silent.

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…the truth shall set you free…


11 thoughts on “The Wealth Diet and Speaking My Truth

  1. Bravo Kathy, well written.

    I know it’s a cliche but it is so for a reason.. (The truth shall set you free).

    Your post truly resonates with me on so many levels, because I, like you have spent a great deal of time trying to avoid conflict with people.. For most of my life actually.

    I have come to the realization that it not only causes me to be out of integrity with myself, but it does not help anyone around me either.

    You are also most courageous for explaining that WEALTH is something we find within. It does not come from money or any other external possession.

    Once you figure out that you are wealthy, money starts coming after you, not the other way around.. took me a while to be able to apply that one ;).

    I also commend you for telling the truth about not needing some fancy expensive coaching program to help yourself along.

    The fact is no one can help you except YOU!

    That being said I strongly believe in mentors and people who have come before us, that we can model. I have never believed in Gurus or that anyone else has the ability to save you except YOU!

    I am so very excited for you and look forward to more of your material.

    Congratulations !


    1. You’re awesome, Aymee. Really. Thank you!

      I do think that we can support each other and encourage each other, and there is a place for support. But you can’t outsource your mindset. You can’t buy wealth… especially when wealth is within us, all around us… heck wealth IS us!

      I guess the real dieting part of The Wealth Diet is to stop buying stuff — programs, etc. and just be the wealth that you already are!!

  2. Kathy, so much love for you right now that you have published and released The Wealth Diet. You’re truth is all there really is, be in it and let it shine forth. If Joe Vitale doesn’t like the truth, that is his bed to lie in. I have talked to many lately who see right through him and are very disillusioned with him and his actions, people who followed him and spent a lot of money going to events he was at or produced and eventually saw the truth about him. You have been burnt badly, now is the time to apply the salve of speaking and being in your truth, when you do, you will come through the fire even stronger. Know that many see you for the light that you are. Thank you for releasing this work, YOUR work, and making the world that much more whole!!

    1. Wow, thanks Chuck. Yeah, I have been contacted by a lot of disillusioned people, too. I wasn’t going to name names, but I suppose the book and stories are pretty obvious. I don’t think I was burned too badly at all compared to others, but I did learn some important lessons.

      There is a shift happening in consciousness now, it is much larger than just the personal development business… it a shift being felt in businesses large and small, in the economy, in politics. The outrage over the coaching programs is a minor symptom of the larger shift.

      I’m just playing a small part in a larger wake-up call: we ARE wealth! The real diet is to give up the junk food of buying wealth outside of ourselves.

      1. Yes, having a diet from looking outside of ourselves for what we want and need is indeed the key. I’m sorry about naming names, but it just felt like tip-toeing around what is there and I just feel names need to be named for what it is. I guess I personally have nothing to lose since I never have had anything personally to do with Joe.

        The coaching that I do is called Co-active coaching. We hold that our clients are Resourceful, Creative and Whole and as such, our job is to help them awaken to who they really are and what their truth really is. They all know it and have it inside, but many do not see or realize it. I love working with souls to help them awaken to their truth.

        Your book is doing the same, helping people awaken to the truth of who they really are. By doing this, you are awakening the world to the wealth that is inherently all around and within. Please, keep writing and being the beacon of change!!!

        1. No problem, Chuck. Anyone who reads this will know who I am and figure it out eventually. So, they can also read this: I harbor no resentment towards anyone in Texas or anything that happened there. However, I reserve the right to speak my mind… and I reserve the right to use my experiences as lessons for myself and others. For whatever they’re worth to the reader, I have the right to tell my side of the story.

          I worked with a coach of sorts who helped me see this deeper within myself. So yes, I do believe in getting outside help when you’re feeling stuck. Multi-thousand dollar coaching programs, however, I take big issue with. I know the content. I’ve done what they teach by reading books and playing around. It’s not hard. And forking over thousands of dollars for a coaching program is antithetical to wealth creation. Unless, of course, you’re hoping to make someone else wealthy.

  3. Kathy,

    I’m so excited about this. I can’t wait to read your book, and am happy to learn from you and your experiences.


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