Humanity has always been intuitive, however in modern times, we have been taught that our intellect is of utmost importance.

Of course, our intellect is very powerful, and it has been very useful. However, believing that our intellect is the only thing we’ve got going for us is like saying that having our right hand is more important than our left hand.

If we write with our right hand, it seems as if it is the most important because we use it most. However, our left hands are just as good, just as capable, if only we would train it to do things other than sit by watching the right hand have all the fun.

Similarly, our intuitive selves, our magical selves, the parts of us with higher knowledge and awareness, sit by and watch our intellect try to figure everything out. If only they would let me play, it thinks. We could have so much more fun.

So the magical self, the intuitive self that is much more aware of our place in the universe, plays with us. It sends us synchronicities and inexplicable magic. We think of someone, and then the telephone rings. We have a strange feeling to do something, follow it, and end up in a synchronistic meeting with someone who can help us with our goals. We have a dream and it comes true.

We worry, and yet we’re okay. In spite of our intellectual worrying and fretting, we end up okay. Somehow, we end up better than okay.

And our magical selves sit back and watch, celebrating our experience and excitement at how unique and magical it all is. These experiences open us up more to the reality of what we really experience here on earth, the amazement and awe of all that is expressed in three dimensional form here on earth.

If our intellects would just step back for a moment, if we could get out of our own way for a split second, that awareness of our true magical selves and our true magical experience could come through.

Our Training Wheels

Now, we have these magical smartphone devices that we carry everywhere, with apps galore allowing us to connect with any other human being on the planet. However, didn’t we always have that ability intuitively?

What if the internet, the smart phones, these apps where we can tune into whoever we want, what if they’re just our training wheels?

What if we don’t really need technology to do all of these things?

What if the internet is simply our training wheels getting us ready for something much more powerful?

yes, she usually has on a helmetMy daughter, Claire, has not wanted to ride her bike for two years. She fell fairly significantly two years ago, and she’s not wanted to get back on her bike since the fall. But she’s turning seven now, and I implored her to get back on it and learn how to ride. She’s still using her training wheels, just to get used to other elements of the bike like pedaling, braking, and steering. Having to balance and learn the other elements at the same time is too overpowering and makes her give up.

Technology is giving us the capability of experiencing the interconnectedness of All That Is without having to balance and realize its all us anyway. Space and time in this world of ours are constructs of the matrix we live in. In other words, space and time don’t really exist. And we’re getting to experience that in depth using technology. But the experience of spaceless and timeless self exists much more within us if we would only look within. We’re going to have to start riding without the training wheels of technology rather soon, and intuitive experiences, telepathic experiences, and spaceless and timeless experiences are going to become much more… normal.

We don’t need the technology to do it, but since we don’t believe we can get on the bike and ride without training wheels, we aren’t going to do it. Our belief in what is possible, or rather our belief in what is not possible, stops us from experimenting and experiencing the true reality of who we really are.

Perspective Matters

One thing that I notice most about how we are using our training wheels, however, is that we are using it within a dying paradigm. Let me explain.

When you first wake up in the morning, what do you do? You check your phone, your connections, your emails, your social media. You check the news to see what is going on.

During that incredibly impressionable state, you dump fear-based thoughts and judgments into your mind. You immediately start feeding the patterns of the past, patterns that no longer serve you. You compare yourselves to others, you start feeling that there is nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said, you shut yourself down because of fear.

Ah, just the way “they” like you.

For far too many generations, people have been motivated by the patterns of experience that do not serve their growth. Would you rather do things because you love them and are excited by them? Or would you rather do things because you are trying to avoid pain, because you are fearful of what may happen if you don’t?

Fear-based motivations are part of a paradigm of humanity that no longer serves us, yet it is being used tremendously to keep you paralyzed from your personal growth and experience that bring you joy. If you are worried about war, economic collapse, or being able to feed your family, you will not have the emotional, intuitive, or spiritual bandwidth to explore what brings you joy.

And yet, that joy sits waiting for you to open up to it.

Now that you’ve ridden the bike without training wheels, it is time for you to start practicing riding without. It is time to start going within yourself and finding the connections of spirit that serve you. There is an entire world of experience within you, and there are connections you cannot even fathom at this point. Remember the Dr. Suess book, Oh the Places You’ll Go? We cannot begin to even understand how much our experience is expanding, if only we will give our magical selves the time to explore.

It might feel weird at first, a little like writing with our non-dominant hand. But the more we try, the more we experience those connections, the more normal it will feel.

And as you are exploring the internet within yourselves, start using the internet of the third dimensional world in a way that suits you more. The fear-based paradigm of motivating humanity to do the bidding of a few is dying, and it is time for you to let it die. But if you keep using your tools to stay within the death spiral of humanity’s shackles, you will remain confined.

Use your internet in a way that suits you, in a way that supports joy, love, and peace, and the travels of consciousness will seem much more natural to you.

Humanity has always been intuitive, but we’ve allowed our magical selves to remain latent. As we start allowing ourselves to become all that we truly are, our world will become all that it truly is. You see, it always has been that way. It’s just that we haven’t allowed ourselves to see that magic.

It’s time to wake up.

Oh, and Claire is getting better day by day with the bike. She’s not quite ready to let go of training wheels, but eventually she will. Eventually we all will. Eventually we will all be free of the beliefs that keep us shut down.

What’s next

All of this contemplation came via intuition. And it leads me to wonder what’s next. If the internet is the training wheels for our intuitive, telepathic, and creative selves, what is next? What’s the next big thing?

I think it’s going to be free energy, fossil-fuel free travel, and shifts away from traditional education to start.

Society and our structures of support have a long way to go before they mirror who we really are, but I think some big shifts are forthcoming that will allow that support system to unfold.

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