The end of days

My 3 year old is constantly asking me questions for which I have no answer. She is quite aware of her surroundings, and very bright.

Today she was listening to a song about how sunset is the end of the day, and she asked me, “When will the days end?”

I answer: “Uhm. When the sun goes down?”

Claire: “No, all the days. When do they stop?”

I told her that we don’t know, we’re not supposed to know.

“Does Jesus know?”

“I guess, maybe. Maybe Buddha and Quan Yin know, too. But it’s not something we know.”

A few weeks ago, she asked me if our lives here are just a story. You know, like maybe we’re just all actors in a drama that eventually ends with happily ever after.

I think I’m going to need some help with this kid.



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