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I connect with audiences.

If you’re looking for someone to inspire, motivate, educate, and entertain technical and non-technical audiences alike, I’m on it. I make time disappear with engaging stories with purpose. I am passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives through intentional use of technology, meaningful connection, and honest, purposeful communication.

So you want to know…

How I got here.

I’ve been speaking in front of audiences since I was 11 years old.

Grade school? I was the youngest lector at church. I learned how to pronounce difficult words in the Bible before I knew how to do anything algebraic.

High school? I was on the debate team. I was good at 2nd affirmative rebuttal because I could talk faster than anyone else. I loved researching obscure and underreported topics.

College? On the speech team. We were champions. I had a fantastic time and learned a lot.

Proof is in the picture. This was from my high school yearbook. I think I am arguing about arm sales or something else ridiculous that the government was doing. My words in a high school debate tournament did not stop anything, but I probably got a trophy.

I wish I didn’t look so much like a blonde Joan Jett, but we all have ridiculous fashion choices from high school, don’t we. Aren’t you happy I shared mine with you?

I am thankful for the internet: it saved me from becoming a DC policy wonk or a lawyer.

Kathy the debater

You’re either using technology to create, or you’re using technology as a distraction.

The great thing is that you get to decide how technology exists in your life. You can either choose to be empowered and use the tools we have to create, or let others use it to distract you from who you really are. I think you know which side I’m on!

Kathy Zant WordCamp Sacramento
Photo credit: Jacob Henderson @jwh1138

Do you have an audience you’d like to inspire or educate? Whether you’re looking for deeply technical content or sales and marketing inspiration and ideas, I meet your audience where they’re at and inspire them.

Demystifying Technical Topics

Even the most technical audiences look for easier ways to learn and expand their knowledge. I have a broad experience with a number of languages, platforms, and modalities with an emphasis on baking security into everything.

Helping non-technical audiences easily use technology

We no longer have the luxury of being non-technical. From security concerns to sales and marketing online, technical aptitude has become a necessary part of life.

Recent Presentations

Events Where I’ve Presented

  • WordPress Meetup NW Phoenix August 2018 – Evaluating Plugins
  • WordCamp Sacramento September 2018 – Evaluating Plugins
  • WordCamp Portland October 2018 – Introduction to WordPress Plugins
  • WordCamp Seattle November 2018 – Evaluating Plugins
  • Rutgers Business School – Small Business Development Center January 2019 
  • LifterLMS Podcast January 2019
  • WordPress Meetup Long Beach, January 2019 – WordPress Security 101
  • WordPress Meetup Hollywood, January 2019 – WordPress Security 101
  • WordPress Meetup Pasadena, January 2019 – WordPress Security 101
  • Rutgers Business School – Small Business Development Center February 2019 
  • WordCamp Miami March 2019 – WordPress Security 101 & Evaluating Plugins (videos)
  • Rutgers Business School – Small Business Development Center March 2019
  • WordPress Meetup NW Phoenix March 2018 – Own Your Content
  • Rutgers Business School – Small Business Development Center April 2019 
  • WooCommerce Meetup Phoenix, AZ June 2019 – Securing WooCommerce
  • WordPress Meetup EIG Phoenix, AZ June 2019 – Evaluating Plugins
  • WordCamp Boston July 2019 – The Hacker Mindset (video)
  • WordCamp Minneapolis August 2019 – Evaluating Plugins
  • WordCamp Sacramento September 2019 – WordPress Security 101: 4 Ways to Keep your Site Safe
  • WordCamp Rochester October 2019 – Evaluating Plugins (video)
  • WordCamp US November 2019 – The Hacker Mindset (video)
  • WordCamp Seattle November 2019 – The Hacker Mindset
  • WordCamp Rochester Keynote October 2020 – Thriving in Uncertain Times, Finding Security through WordPress (video)
  • WordFest 2021: Community Interview
  • WooSesh 2021: Six Proven Ways to Make More Money with WooCommerce
  • WordPress Meetup Phoenix Arizona November 2021: Building Sites with Kadence
  • WordFest 2022: Community Interview
  • WordFest 2022: Overcoming Adversity
  • iThemes Security Disaster Week: The Worst Hacks in Small Ways & WordPress Incident Response Planning

Kathy Zant Speaker
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Empower your audience though tech empowerment

Bring stories of empowerment through technology and democratized publishing to your audience. Whether online or in person, I can work with your team to create the perfect presentation that your audience will remember.

I learned a lot!
Really enjoyed your presentation style. You were full of information, yet made it undaunting. Thanks!
Marty M.
Focus on action.
I loved that your presentation gave me a list of things I can do right now to achieve my goals. I learned things I didn’t expect to learn, but I am glad I did. Thanks for making it fun.
Rachel B.
I learned so much.
Kathy knows her stuff! Great presentation and so much fun.
Anonymous Attendee