There is an epidemic of false perfection in America. It is perpetrated by the media, but it is accepted by you. You, like me, fall into guilty pleasures of fantasy that some people have it made, that some people have all the luck, that some people have found “the secret” to living a perfect life. You believe that those living the lifestyles of the rich and famous are somehow wealthier than you.

In order to experience what they have, you must redefine wealth.

Wealth is so much more than money. I’ve had money, I’ve had fancy possessions, and I have had many interactions with those you may consider to be rich and famous.

Last month, I ended up sitting at dinner next to a rich and famous man. The star of many Hollywood movies, if I mentioned his name to you, you would instantly know who he is. You would recognize him on the street. And like many people at the restaurant that night, your words would have fallen silent when he walked into the room.

There was no mistake about it. He was as wealthy as they come.

And he, like many of the rich and famous I have known, was as human as they come.

He does not have the perfect life you might imagine. In fact, I witnessed an argument between him and his wife that positively ruined their dinner. The tension was palpable.

I sent them both much love and compassion as I sat next to them. I imagined their argument as a glowing red ball between them and sent deep feelings of heart-centered love to that glowing red ball in the hopes of dissipating that which divided them that night.

He was fairly down to earth for the level of fame he has experienced. I don’t think he’d tell you he has a perfect life; I think he’d tell you he’s human.

But the machine of marketing will tell you that his life is perfect.

Why the pedestal?

It is my belief that we place other people on pedestals of idolatry because we have been trained to want something more than what we are. It is okay to want things, desire is a good thing. But when we are wanting things that are externally driven versus internally driven, it removes us from our path as conscious creators.

The externally driven, ego-based desire separates you from who you really are. We are shown rich people with their car collections, and then sold a program to help you attract a new car. We are shown fancy new cars and a debt payment plan that enslaves and entraps us. We see a celebrity with the latest fashions and are sent subliminal messages that separate us from our wealth so that we have a piece of cloth.

The pedestal exists to keep you wanting.

Those who keep the pedestal in place are trying to sell you something. I know, shocking. It is absolutely shocking that the marketers of this world are doing what they do… they are using age-old laws of persuasion to create a need within you and their product as the solution to that need.

You can play that game if you want. But when you’re ready to live a life of fulfillment and abundance, you must turn within and start exploring who you are from the inside out. There is no other way.

Every great spiritual teaching of the world has consciousness exploration as a main tenet. We become trained at a young age to look outside. We get lost. And there is no one who can lead you back to your inner wisdom except you.

In my book, The Wealth Diet, I tell you what has worked for me. But you must do your own searching. If you don’t know where to start, there are resources that can help. I have shared a few.

In The Wealth Diet, there are 28 exercises to help you find your unique, internally driven desire. The internally driven desire is who you really are. It is being the artist instead of the accountant, it is being driving the car you really like instead of the status symbol. It is having more than enough money to do what you want, it is having miracles of abundance come your way without having to sacrifice your integrity for them.

It is no coincidence that day one of The Wealth Diet asks you to step away from the media that insidiously separates you from your internal desire.

What is the Perfect Life?

If perfection is being airbrushed on the pages of a magazine, it doesn’t exist. But if perfection is attuning to your heart and living your life’s desires, then there is a perfect life that is all your own.

Wealth is inside of you. It is in your heart, your dreams, and your inner desires. It is in the plan your soul made when you decided to exist in this earthly arena.

We have been distracted for too long by the glitter, the sizzle, and the falsehood. It has created a society of unsustainable consumerism that makes the hunger of desire even stronger.

You have all that you need, and you are on the perfect path with your inner guidance as a compass. Go forth and live your perfect life.

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