We had an experience last week where our very lackadaisical request for assistance was answered rather unexpectedly. Was this a miracle? Magic? Or just us getting out of our own way?

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Hey, this is Kathy. This is a Web of all Things. This is my personal podcast. I never spend any time on it, however, I’m always busy. Working or taking care of Mark or Claire or things around the house, that kind of thing, a very busy life. But I want to get back to sharing some of my experiences, especially when they’re sort of some peak experiences.

As many of, you know, Mark, my husband had a stroke in November. And so we’re about six months out from that. He has gotten stronger. But he needs therapy, he needs rehab. About two months ago, our rehab team contacted me to let me know that insurance denied further rehab for him saying that it was “no longer medically necessary.”

Which was infuriating and they were extraordinarily disheartened, and they told me to appeal and everything, and I never got around to it. We had an appointment with his doctor about two weeks ago. And I let the nurse practitioner know that I was going to be appealing the rehab decision by the insurance company and that I might need some support and documentation from them. And then I got busy and Claire had a horse show down in Fort Worth and just, you know, standard life stuff. Never got around to it.

So we’re coming up just, I think this week and it being two months that he has been out of formal rehab. I mean, we do stuff daily. He sits up in the chair or on the side of the bed at least five times a day, we try to stretch out his leg to try to get him standing as much as possible. But, you know, it’s just kind of limited and it’s been very sad, you know, because there’s only so much I can do. So on Tuesday, I get a call from a home healthcare agency saying, we’re going to send a nurse out tomorrow. And I’m so used to people coming from all over the place to check on him. So I’m just like, okay. Yeah. What time? Three o’clock. Okay, great.

So the nurse gets here and she hands me a packet of information and says that they’re re-enrolling him. And I’m like, okay, in what? Uh, rehab. I’m like, but insurance said no more rehab that it’s not medically necessary. So she goes over everything. And as she’s leaving. She kind of gets some tears in our eyes because Mark’s emotions are very raw right now. And he’s in a good place, we took him off of the Lexapro and he’s been doing so well. Just.

Very positive, mental attitude, now every once in a while, he’ll kind of slip into a little bit of, Just. Unaware of what is going on. So I’ll have to bring him back and explain things to him. But that happens, , far less frequently than it did before.

He’s doing so well, but his emotions are very raw. So he’ll look at me sometimes and get very present and very present with his emotions. And the love just kind of overwhelms him. And so he was doing a little bit of that in front of her and she started crying, just tearing up, you know, expressing how grateful. She was to see how well he’s been doing. And how happy she is that he’s getting rehab again. It was just this very poignant moment. With Mark being very raw with his emotion and her trying to not engage with it, but not being able to hold it back. And me just kind of being the one, the one person who is like the sane one, I guess the one who’s not getting overtaken with emotion, because I’m just kind of used to it.

And, then I said, well, how much rehab is he getting? And she’s like, “well, you know, it’s a hundred percent covered. I do know that. And then she looks at her notes and she’s like, now I’m not the person who does all of this. I just, I just have my notes from our meeting yesterday.”

And she says he’s got 130 rehab sessions between now and the end of the year. And I can divvy it up with speech I can do physical and I’m like, it just dawned on me as she was saying all of this, what happened.

And this is not something. That I am at this moment, able to explain by 3D reality. But on Sunday night, 2 days before this, we were watching a video and this video they were talking about guardian angels and how we all have a guardian angel. We all have someone on the other side. Who watches out for us and helps guide us when we get into pickles. Which we do because we’re human.

And the woman who was talking about guardian angel said that, you know, that they will never intervene. They will never change our freewill. They will never stop something that we have chosen. But if we get into trouble and we ask for help, they are there. And they are so happy to help and they will move mountains in order to help us.

And they sure like to hear thank you from us as well. And, at that moment, I just pause the video. And said, “Hey Mark, what would you ask your guide and angel for right now, if we all have them, you have one, what would you ask for?” And he’s like, “get better.” And I’m like, “well, specifically, do you mean like walk again?”

He’s like, “Yeah walk again, get better.” And then he says, “What would you ask for.” And I’m like, “Well, I’d ask for you to get better and… I don’t really need much else. I have everything that I want. I’m okay. I’m maybe a Ralph Lauren shopping spree, where I could spend like $10,000 on clothes for myself, but not really even have to think about it. That would be the one thing I would ask for.”

And he says you deserve that and you deserve more. And it was just, you know, Mark being very sweet and I’m like, “okay, guardian angel. We want Mark to walk again. And a Ralph Lauren shopping spree.” We kind of just joked about it and watch the rest of the video.

Did rehab get turned back on because of that? I can’t prove it. But it is certainly coincidental that he asks for help and it comes two days later. Obviously things don’t happen that fast in the medical world, the ball got rolling somewhere somehow. Maybe from that conversation with the nurse practitioner. I’m not sure where it all started, but I just know insurance gave him more rehab. And I fully believe he’s going to walk again; I fully believe he’s going to get better. I started , kind of considering what’s really going on here. And why did…why did insurance denied to begin with?

Was it just to make me angry because I didn’t really get that angry. You know how, when you’re kind of in the fight for your life and something bad happens that just the last straw and you just accept defeat. And that’s kind of where I was. I was just like, I could fight more, but I was, at the time, so tired. I just didn’t have the fight in me.

But I guess that’s what happens. I was in a pickle and I couldn’t do anything more for him. And, you know, we have had our issues were. As try to do rehab with him, and he… it just it’s too much. And he gets mad at me and there’s only so much I can do. He has to want to. And so I’ve just felt defeated with the entire experience of rehab with him and trying to do it all myself.

But he asked for help. And we got help. And the great thing is that it’s not just a totally different rehab team now coming in. We are engaging with the same rehab team that knows him, the same rehab team that calls me personally to check him, see how he’s doing, the same rehab team that gave me a shower chair that works perfectly for our shower, I just need help getting it up over the stair.

So we’ve got our people back. We’ve got our angels back. Maybe it’s just coincidental that we ask for help and it comes in. But I’m going to take that coincidence as a serendipitous synchronicity that tells me that spirit is listening.

And then I wonder, what else can I ask for? Well, my Ralph Lauren shopping spree hasn’t shown up yet.

I’ve really got everything else I need, I’m doing okay. I guess I need just a little bit of help not worrying so much. And I’ve gotten my messages of, okay, do this thing I used to do. 25 years ago when I was doing my manifestation work, I would just open up a blank Word document and start writing.

And whatever came out in terms of an affirmation just came out. It just was kind of like almost, I was like channeling affirmations that would loosen up the blocks that I had in my own mind. That kept me from experiencing that which I wanted. Because really that’s what it is. When you want something, it is given. When you ask for help, it is given. The only thing that gets in the way of you experiencing it is the blocks that you have.

And apparently I have some of those. Overall though, life is pretty good. And I feel pretty blessed on a number of different fronts, not just with Mark or Claire. The people I work with are absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a greater gift of working with the Kadence team and the iThemes team. It’s a good experience.

I just wanted to share that story because it was very meaningful to me. It was pretty magical. Cool. When I talked to him about it and say, I’ve never seen anyone manifest so quickly as I’ve seen you. You asked for help and it showed up, God is listening to you. God is like angels, get on that. This is my boy, take care of him and he just starts crying. He like, you know, you’re living in this beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood with a beautiful backyard, a wife who cares for you and did not leave you in the system and took you home and cares for you and a daughter that has just… she’s so amazing and shows him such care and kindness and love even though it’s a challenging situation.

I’m like Mark, you’ve got it all. God takes care of you. And he just starts crying and says he doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t believe he deserves it. And I’m like, this is, you’re not required to do a reenactment of Amazing Grace. And he’s like, I don’t remember what that is. And so I have to sing Amazing Grace to him.

And he started singing with me cause that, that he remembers.

And so we sing Amazing Grace together. And it was just the weirdest thing. But kind of magical and beautiful.

And this is why you don’t leave your loved ones in a nursing home and forget about them, because they are still there. Inside that body that maybe isn’t working like it used to.

They are still there inside that brain that isn’t connecting the way it used to.

And they deserve, and you deserve to have the experience of connecting with them in spite of that. It is magical and a very beautiful thing. When you have that purity of connection.

When all of the crap is taken away. All of the games that we play with each other. And you just get back to who we really are s human spirits living in these physical bodies. And connecting the present moment with the people that you love. There is nothing, but magic there and it will change your life for the better.

It will make you aware of what is critically important, to you as a spirit. To you as a being. And it will make you cherish even the smallest things. And when you do that. The big things are added unto you. Miracles begin to happen. You ask, and it is given.

And in that moment, you drop the things that block you from experiencing real magic in your life.

And that’s why I needed to talk about this. Thanks for listening.