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Painting Pictures

In this episode, I talk about the motivational pictures I paint for Mark to keep him motivated in rehab. The pictures of living in the end after the investment of work and effort really lights him up. Trying to keep that motivation going for him, but I think we can all do a little self hypnosis to make achieving big and hard goals easier.


Hey, this is Kathy. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how therapy is going for Mark this week. It’s going pretty well, although. even the most minor thing is stressing him out. I think it’s just because we have new people that he doesn’t know. And so he’s not quite sure what they’re doing to him. And so it’s triggering all of these feelings of being under threat. Like he trusts me to move his leg, but somebody else moving his leg around. 

it’s causing stress. But I am doing this every night with him now, where, before we go to sleep, I just plant all of these ideas in his head. some of it might seem extremely far-fetched and some of it might seem like I’m lying to him. Some of this may never, ever come true, but I paint this picture of what life is like for him. 

When he is at a hundred percent again. maybe he’ll never be at a hundred percent again, but for those few moments before he goes to sleep at night, I paint the picture that he is. I paint the picture that we are as a family, traveling around the country, visiting all of the people that he loves. 

I paint the picture of him. Doing speaking engagements again, that he’s up on stage and that he’s a hundred percent better. He is providing a testimony of his healing and how anybody can do this. That he’s inspiring everyone in the audience that whatever they’re dealing with and everybody’s dealing with something, but through his healing is inspiring. Other people to think about their lives differently. To move beyond the limits that they have accepted in their life. 

And that he is changing lives. This is his mission on the planet. This is what he wanted to do. This is what he came here to do. and I know this. And I know him. So it’s very easy for me to paint this picture of what it is that he wants to do and what he came here to do. And that moving through this experience of losing the ability to move half of his body and speak. 

That he came out of this a hundred percent and then he’s back to normal and he’s inspiring other people that they can move out of whatever limitations they’re living in. And I paint that picture and remind him that this is his purpose on the planet. And that I’m here to do it with them, and I’m going to stand on stage with them and talk about the process we went through together. 

And his eyes light up. He comes alive. whether or not it ever comes to fruition in this physical reality, I don’t care because for those moments as he’s going to sleep. I paint the picture of what it is that he wants. And then he falls asleep with that picture. There’s a process of. Manifestation that Neville Goddard. 

Gave us like a hundred years ago. it’s going to sleep with the belief that you are there, that the manifestation that you want. Is already there you go to sleep with the feeling of it being there. for a market might take a year. It might take. Two years. But I watched these videos on YouTube of people giving their testimony of how they had a stroke and lost everything. 

And they got it back through really intensive therapy and a lot of motivation and a lot of hard work. They get it back. I play these for myself. I play these for remark and we go to sleep with the discussion. I almost workup. It’s almost like I’m doing hypnosis on him. Because I just get into this picture in my own mind of him being there. 

And I just recite whatever pops into my mind and paint this picture and I try to make it as vivid as possible. He’s visiting his friend, John and Georgia, and they’re sitting on the porch and it’s a little hot and steamy and humid outside, but they’ve got these nice tall lemonades that they’re drinking and they’re laughing. 

And having a good time and they can see the horses out in the pasture and then little barn cats are frolicking in the field and everybody’s laughing and everybody’s happy. And he just comes alive. It’s almost like I can paint this picture and he feels it. And he starts filling in the gaps of things that I don’t even know. I’ve never been to John’s house in Georgia. So I can’t paint that picture. So hopefully he still has those memories that pop in there. 

And then I paint the picture of going to Pismo beach and that I can do a little bit better because I’ve been there, but we go paint pictures of visiting his friends and visiting his family. And going on road trips. Going through the drive-through and in and out and getting a vanilla shake and a burger and eating it in the car while we watch. 

The way he was rolling in from the Pacific ocean and all of these things that he loved about California in that. He loved about Arizona. We go to his favorite restaurant and his friend, Brian is there and Brian is telling us all about, what’s on special and everything. Mark just lights up. 

We go to Mount Shasta and he goes up to the top of the mountain and we can see so far. the energy is so clear and the air is clean and we go to the city park and it’s the city park of old. And we go and get water at the headwaters and it’s ice cold. And. Absolutely delicious and just vigorous every cell of your body. And I paint these pictures in his mind of all of these things We’re almost like going to all of these places in our mind. Before we go to sleep. And it is creating this. vibration within him. Of freedom of movement. if he can get and hold himself into that belief that he has freedom of movement. His body will then start to reflect that back to him over time. 

I firmly believe this I’ve seen it happen. And our minds are much more in control of our experience because you believe something is true. You will act as if it is true. If you believe something is false, you will act as if it’s false. If you believe that you can ever move again, like you can’t move half of your body for the rest of your And that’s what the doctors will tell them. 

We’re a year past the initial stroke. So the doctors will say, this is where you’re going to stay and you’re never going to get any better, but I’ve seen testimony of people Who’ve done it. They’ve moved out of these experiences and. So I know it’s possible and I know what the doctors say is probable, but it doesn’t mean that the opposite isn’t possible. And so I’m holding onto that. 

And the more energy I put into it, the more probable it becomes and the more energy mark puts into it, the more probable it becomes, but it’s really, much more up to him. It’s not going to happen without his investment in it. And in order to get that investment in, I have to. 

convince him that it’s probable, this is true. This is what’s happening. And this is why you’re working for it. And I think we’ll get there because I’m going to be relentless. I’m going to be tenacious. And I’m not going to stop. Until I start seeing some progress. And even then. I’m not going to stop. 

That’s how I am. And that’s how I know he can be. If he’s encouraged. So we’re working through it. I just wanted to share that story of what I’m doing with his mental state, because I think this applies to all of us, no matter what you’re doing in your life. 

No matter what goal you have. I’d say 75% of what you’re doing in order to get to that goal is less about the tactics and more about the strategy and the commitment in your mind. It is way more about your mindset of what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Then it is about, Post this to social, write this article and do this content, do this with the product, change this here, use AI for this, whatever it is you’re doing. Those tactics don’t matter as much as your mindset because your mindset is going to influence your strategy and your strategy is going to. 

Dictate your tactics. So if you get your mindset right. Then all of the tactics and everything else fall into place because you’re setting that roadmap up for success, but it has to happen in the mindset first, Six months ago when mark was being belligerent and difficult and didn’t want to do any physical therapy whatsoever and just wanted to lie there and be depressed. 

That was like, Moving rocks up hill. It was next to impossible. now that he’s got some momentum and motivation going, it’s just you have to just stay relentless with it. And it’s just like starting anything, when you’re trying to get an airplane to, to fly. Most of the expenditure of energy is getting it off the ground. And once you have the aerodynamics in play, then you have that momentum and you just keep going and it’s super easy, but getting it off the ground, that’s where. 

The greatest amount of effort is going to take place. So when you’re getting something started, you’re starting from the beginning. That is where you’re going to have to expand the most energy into your mindset. Into your strategy and almost hypnotize yourself into believing that something’s true. Even though your physical reality might be telling you that it’s not, you just have to choose to believe otherwise. And then the tactics, the actual, like the physical therapy, The exercises, The daily routines, the minor things that you have to do, they just start to become this natural experience of moving forward, because you know where you’re going because your mindset’s there. And your mindset. Trickles down into everything else and trickles down into your strategies and tactics and the tactics just happen almost. 

Unconsciously, you don’t have to do anything. Once you’ve made up your mind of once you’ve made that decision. Of where you’re going. Once, you know what that roadmap that end result is. The picture starts to paint itself after a while, as long as you hold that from, and you keep holding that in your mind as this is the reality. 

it might seem like pie in the sky and it might seem woo and airy fairy and completely divorced from reality. But guess what? You’re creating. You are a creator. You are either reacting to the reality that you have in your life, or you proactively manifesting the reality that you want. You get to decide. 

Which side of that coin, you’re going to be in. Are you going to be reactive to what is, are you going to be proactive towards what it is that you want to create? And you can do anything. You can create anything as long as you have that mindset and you believe that it’s possible. Because once you believe it’s possible, then it becomes probable. 

And then it becomes inevitable. But you have to start in your mind. So that’s what I’m doing with them. Convincing him. Funny to me that I’m almost hypnotizing him into believing that this is where we’re going. 

If it works, it might take a few years. It might take a decade. I don’t know. It might fail completely. But if it works. 

I’m going to be on top of the world, because I know if I can make this happen. I can make anything happen and I believe a hundred percent. I believe. And my ability to make this the probable outcome. What do you believe in what’s your probable outcome what’s happening for you? 

I hope this was helpful to you and whatever you’re trying to do. 

Don’t give up.