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Expanding your sense of self

Morning walk podcast on August 1, 2015, 25 minutes. Isn’t amazing what miracles happen in this world… miracles that we miss because we’re so focused on things that don’t really matter? We look for answers outside of ourselves, but we neglect the answers that already exist within each and every one of us. Show notes: What is ascension, and what I think is really going on. Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is merely the result. – Edgar Cayce Waking up to… who we really are. We came here at this time to experience this shift at this time for a reason. There is no linear time, all lifetimes happen at the same time. Our goal in life is to experience as …

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The Stuff Trap

They say space is the final frontier, but there are frontiers within ourselves that we discount. We spend so much of our time making money to get stuff. What a trap that is. What we’re really looking for is life experience, and stuff takes us away from that. An 8 minute podcast recorded as I drove home from town in the dark of Mount Shasta’s forests.

Heal anything

This podcast is a supplement to a mailing that went out to our list about healing and love. Our world is requiring us to delve deeper into the heart center of who we really are. Though our societal training and education have trained us all to look at our minds as the most powerful part of ourselves, our heart center actually contains a lot of intuitive power. In this podcast, I take you through a very simple and short exercise that will expand your heart awareness. In a longer, more concentrated exercise, this meditation can help you release many of the past hurts, pain, and data that hold you in a place of non-healing.

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