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Overcoming Blocks

I’ve been blocked. Writers block, speakers block, social block. But I’m following an inner drive to speak up and speak out.

There’s a reason we all have such amazing creative tools right now, and the world needs us to share our creativity. We’re changing the reality we all share, but only if we share, and only if we all follow our drive to share what is important to us.


This podcast is an experiment of sorts, and it is done while I’m finishing up a hike on a Sunday morning here in Mount Shasta, California.

Note: When I mention a comparison of Mark and Tony Robbins, I say that Tony must have the same problems Mark has that I see on a daily basis. What I meant: Tony Robbins has a very polished image, and I don’t know him and his own personal challenges as intimately as I do Mark. However, knowing Mark as I do, I can intuit that Tony has similar issues and challenges as Mark due to the similarities in how they process information. They both have immense talent, but it comes with certain constraints and limits.