A Web of All Things
A Web of All Things
Expanding your sense of self

Morning walk podcast on August 1, 2015, 25 minutes.

Isn’t amazing what miracles happen in this world… miracles that we miss because we’re so focused on things that don’t really matter? We look for answers outside of ourselves, but we neglect the answers that already exist within each and every one of us.

Show notes:

  • What is ascension, and what I think is really going on.
  • Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is merely the result. – Edgar Cayce
  • Waking up to… who we really are.
  • We came here at this time to experience this shift at this time for a reason.
  • There is no linear time, all lifetimes happen at the same time.
  • Our goal in life is to experience as much life as we can experience.
  • Call in the larger part of ourselves to experience our life instead of retreating to spiritual.
  • Cecil the lion, animal welfare and well-being, and how news is different now.
  • Why you should feel good about your life right now.
  • The game of politics, just like football.
  • Stupid laws and how they diminish the validity of all laws.
  • Science, vaccines, anti-vaxxers, pro-vaxxers, and the dogma of belief.
  • Gardasil safety.
  • If you can’t ask questions in science, there’s something very wrong.
  • The process of advocacy, debate, and finding the truth.
  • Communication versus polarization.
  • Polarization is everywhere, why? Does someone want us fighting amongst each other?
  • The remedy of getting out of polarization and discovering your personal truth.
  • How spectator sports entrains us to polarize and hate each other on other issues.
  • We aren’t that game, we’re so much more than these games we play with each other.
  • You’re soaking in so many blessings, yet we are all using these gifts to play games that distract us from the real experience we came here to do.