No More Fear

It’s national coffee day. Or something like that. Why not have a cup of wake up to who you really are?

September was supposed to be a month where it all fell apart, wasn’t it. At least that is what they’ve told us. The doomsayers are there to take you away from your own creative power of manifestation and experiencing love. It’s time to stop with the fear, and just do what you love. You’re going to be okay no matter what happens.



Manifesting your dreams

This podcast came through as a stream of consciousness download while walking on Friday, Sept. 4. Do you know that you are a powerful creator in your reality? Even if you’re dealing with a stressful, challenging situation, do you still claim your power?

In this podcast, I leverage a challenge I have right now in order to clarify what it is that I want. Our challenges are perfect opportunities for us to catapult ourselves towards what we really want. We’ve all got big dreams, and we deserve to start lining up our reality so that we can experience them.



Reprogramming Beliefs

Can you reprogram your beliefs? I did. Listen as I talk about reprogramming my own personal beliefs surrounding the foster cats that are with us right now. I’ve been using this process to help other people work through issues. I’ve helped a few people recently, and I’m going to teach other people how to do it in a webinar next week, on September 10, 2015, specifically focusing on the issue of debt as it has come up a few times for other people.

We’ll explore what debt is, why we create it, and how to release it very quickly.

Interested? Sign up for the webinar here. Completely and totally free.





For September, I am committing to doing one 10-minute Web of All Things podcast every day. As such, I am talking today about commitment. What are the commitments we make, and why are they important? What commitment is the most important commitment you can make? How do you balance commitments you make with others?

The key is the inner commitment to ourselves that we make. Making a commitment to our own truth and trusting ourselves needs to come first, then the other commitments we make with others flows more easily.

Commitments are the cornerstone of our success. We commit to our dreams, our hopes, our wishes and our visions, and that commitment is what brings it forth into experience.

Thanks for listening! Also, the Podcast is now available on iTunes.



Managing Challenges

We all have challenges in our lives, whether they’re events, challenging people, or fears we have about the future. How we manage our challenges — what we think, believe, and feel about them — makes more of a difference in our experience of life than the problem itself. Listen in as I talk about how challenges to our dreams can actually be gifts that help us make our dreams happen. Here’s the hint: it’s how you respond and how much you firmly trust your inner knowing.



How to get what you want, aka, being valuable versus being useful

Our society teaches us in so many ways that we are valuable because we’re useful. However, if we fully buy into that belief system, we miss out on discovering our real value which is independent of what we do for a living or what we do for others. Our value is inherently part of who we are as human beings.

In this podcast, I explore why it is so important for us to claim our value as inherently part of who we are instead of what we do.  Our self esteem and self worth comes from our self appreciation and self value. If we want to attract the experiences that we really want, we’ve got to believe we deserve it.


What is love

Another walking podcast in Mount Shasta, so you’ll hear some background noises from my dog, nature, and even a timely punctuation of an important point from a passing train.

In this podcast, I take a brief look at love. What is love? Is it an emotion? Is it something you get from other people? Or is it a part of who you are?

Self love is something that none of us seems to have figured out very well, and I look at how conditional love runs our lives. Yes, mine, and everyone around. Unconditionally loving ourselves seems like an elusive impossibility, and yet that unconditional love of self is the key to so much of our happiness.

Each of us comes into this world alone, and we’ll leave alone. Yet we spend so much time worrying about the things of our world rather investing in our greatest asset: ourselves.

In this podcast, I share some of my own experiences with love, and I share a story of what happened 11 years ago that made me never fear again. I’m turning that experience into knowledge of self love, and I talk a little about how that works.

I’m working now on a self love meditation, and I’ll share that when it is ready. But as you’ll probably get from this podcast, I have a long way to go before I get to a place where I feel comfortable working through all of this myself!


Expanding your sense of self

Morning walk podcast on August 1, 2015, 25 minutes.

Isn’t amazing what miracles happen in this world… miracles that we miss because we’re so focused on things that don’t really matter? We look for answers outside of ourselves, but we neglect the answers that already exist within each and every one of us.

Show notes:

  • What is ascension, and what I think is really going on.
  • Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is merely the result. – Edgar Cayce
  • Waking up to… who we really are.
  • We came here at this time to experience this shift at this time for a reason.
  • There is no linear time, all lifetimes happen at the same time.
  • Our goal in life is to experience as much life as we can experience.
  • Call in the larger part of ourselves to experience our life instead of retreating to spiritual.
  • Cecil the lion, animal welfare and well-being, and how news is different now.
  • Why you should feel good about your life right now.
  • The game of politics, just like football.
  • Stupid laws and how they diminish the validity of all laws.
  • Science, vaccines, anti-vaxxers, pro-vaxxers, and the dogma of belief.
  • Gardasil safety.
  • If you can’t ask questions in science, there’s something very wrong.
  • The process of advocacy, debate, and finding the truth.
  • Communication versus polarization.
  • Polarization is everywhere, why? Does someone want us fighting amongst each other?
  • The remedy of getting out of polarization and discovering your personal truth.
  • How spectator sports entrains us to polarize and hate each other on other issues.
  • We aren’t that game, we’re so much more than these games we play with each other.
  • You’re soaking in so many blessings, yet we are all using these gifts to play games that distract us from the real experience we came here to do.