Evaluating Plugins

Hey, Sacramento friends! I really enjoyed hanging out with you at WordCamp Sacramento. As promised, here are a collection of things we talked about at the Evaluating Plugins session.

First, my slides are here

The plugin Gutenberg readiness research project is here, currently available as a CSV. 

The Shortcode Scrubber. A plugin to undo the mess of shortcodes if you’re moving from one plugin (or theme) to another. Plugin is relatively new, but looks promising.

Wordfence’s research about Mason Soiza is available on the blog. The Times article about is here: Mason Soiza

The WordPress plugin repository

WP Vulnerability Database.

ManageWP plugin comparison tool.

RIPS CodeRisk.

Security Testing Cheat Sheet


Someone asked about site cleaning and Wordfence services. In a nutshell, the Wordfence plugin is available for free download on the repository. It’s a freemium plugin that has some cool features you can unlock with a premium license key.

As a part of our research, we do offer site cleaning services for $179, which includes a premium license key. Our analysts actually review the entire source code of your site to ensure that all malware is removed. It comes with a 90-day guarantee if you follow our recommendations.

We also offer site security audits. If you’ve recently taken over a site from another developer or are just unsure of your overall security posture, we’ll take a look and let you know if we see anything concerning. That also comes with a premium license key and a 90-day guarantee if you follow our recommendations.

Want to talk about your site? Have a weird plugin and not sure what’s up with it? I love talking to site owners and developers about WordPress, so hit me up! You can reach me at kathy ~at~ zant.com or kathy ~at~ wordfence.com.

It’s quite literally my job to help people make sense of their site security, so please feel free to let me know when I can help you.

Thank you for being a stellar audience! I loved meeting you all, and I hope we can talk again soon!