Redefining the Perfect Life

There is an epidemic of false perfection in America. It is perpetrated by the media, but it is accepted by you. You, like me, fall into guilty pleasures of fantasy that some people have it made, that some people have all the luck, that some people have found “the secret” to living a perfect life. You believe that those living the lifestyles of the rich and famous are somehow wealthier than you. In order to experience what they have, you must redefine wealth. Wealth is so much more than money. I’ve had money, I’ve had fancy possessions, and I have had many interactions with those you may consider to be rich and famous. Last month, I ended up sitting at dinner next to a rich …

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The Wealth Diet and Speaking My Truth

Last year, I started writing The Wealth Diet. But it kept coming out wonky and blocked. Then, I started writing again on with a group of people as a part of The Wealth Diet experiment. I wrote from my heart, and I wrote my truth. And the words flowed like a river. What was difficult before became easy once I wrote from my heart, from my truth, from the center of my being. I’m not sure if “The Wealth Diet” is the best title for my book. It’s not necessarily about money, but it sure is about experiencing wealth. The Wealth Diet is about living the best life you can possibly live, and it is about living from your heart. The exercises in The …

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The end of days

My 3 year old is constantly asking me questions for which I have no answer. She is quite aware of her surroundings, and very bright. Today she was listening to a song about how sunset is the end of the day, and she asked me, “When will the days end?” I answer: “Uhm. When the sun goes down?” Claire: “No, all the days. When do they stop?” I told her that we don’t know, we’re not supposed to know. “Does Jesus know?” “I guess, maybe. Maybe Buddha and Quan Yin know, too. But it’s not something we know.” A few weeks ago, she asked me if our lives here are just a story. You know, like maybe we’re just all actors in a drama that …

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Dick Cheney, the purple unicorn

Let me introduce you to Dick Cheney, my daughter Claire’s purple unicorn. Claire received this lovely unicorn after her dad went on a business trip to Las Vegas. Claire named her (apparently purple unicorns are girls, at least according to Claire) Cheney, and her big brother asked if it was Dick Cheney. Claire thought, wow, that sounds like a great name, I imagine. And so, we’ve been living for quite a few months with Dick Cheney the purple unicorn. Dick Cheney has many adventures around the house. Sometimes Dick Cheney takes a bubble bath and has her hair combed. Sometimes Dick Cheney watches My Little Pony repeatedly while snuggled under pink blankets. Yesterday, Dick Cheney had to wear a pink tutu and attend a tea …

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Mount Shasta Eclipse

Sunday, we experienced a full on annular eclipse here in Mount Shasta. We decided we would have the most fun watching the eclipse from up on the mountain. The kids were nonplussed by all of the hoopla. After our generous neighbors brought out the eclipse glasses and the eclipse was close to 100%, they were impressed. There were quite a few people on the mountain to watch the eclipse, and they didn’t hold back their excitement when it was time to express it. Energetically, I could feel something shifting. There are rumors that the eclipse lined up Earth, the moon, the sun and the constellation Pleiades in alignment for the first time in over 26,000 years. I am not sure if the electricity of what …

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A message of hope

The past few months have not been the easiest. Bad news after bad news, and challenges I won’t get into here. And in the middle of all of it, I was called to finish a book that I started last fall when things weren’t so challenging. The “calling” came through undeniable synchronicities. I had no idea why, but I followed what Spirit seemed to be guiding me to do. It felt somewhat disingenuous to go through the process of writing a book about wealth while I was going through preparation for an IRS audit (how much wealth am I generating with that manifestation, you know!?), but I followed where the inspirations were leading. The process ended up giving me everything I needed as I was …

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The Wealth Diet

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve launched my new book on Amazon. It’s called The Wealth Diet, and it’s based upon an experiment I did last month with a group of people over at The experiment ended up being quite powerful, and one of the participants suggested that it would make a great book. And thus, it is. You can buy it for the Kindle now, and in a few weeks, you’ll be able to purchase the actual paperback book from Amazon and other bookstores worldwide.

Pens and Taxes

It’s that time of year. Taxes. This year, tax time is special for me. I’ll write more about why later. I hired an amazing person to help me get my somewhat complicated accounting straight this year, however, and I think it will make life better in the long run. So, in doing taxes, I am writing pen on paper more than usual. PaperMate Ink Joy. Oh my, the joy. I am loving these pens. I bought a package of colored pens, mostly for Claire because she loves writing and colored markers. And these pens are fantastic. I gave her the orange, green, and pink ones and took the blue black and purple ones for me. I used to have such a love affair with pens …

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Dreamhost versus Hostgator

Technical difficulties threatened to nix my attempts to find sand and waves for spring break, but I emerged victorious. I had only a few days to move sites for the business to a new server. And then Dreamhost had an outage. Gah. I remember outages in the early days of Dreamhost too well, I think. So, I decided to go with Hostgator. I had heard enough people talking about them, and they had a 45-day money back guarantee. See? It’s right there on the top of their web site. I ordered a server on Friday afternoon. By Friday night, it was set up. Except it wasn’t. After fighting with the server for an entire day — and being told by Hostgator technical support that I …

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Obligatory hello world

For years, I worked as a web developer, creating web sites for clients all around the world. For years, this domain was business only. Then, life changed. Work changed. And finally, this domain changed. Not sure how much I’ll be writing here just yet. But I might as well put something here for  now until I am ready. Until then, you can read about me.

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