Updated 2 January 2024


My husband Mark had a stroke in November 2021. We’ve got a new normal flow. His cognitive capabilities have really rebounded. Physically, we still have some challenges. We’ve been through hell and back with insurance. I’m hoping our next year will be a bit better.


Now, I am living in northern Texas on the edge of a massive lake next to a forest. Yes, I know I said in 2009 when I left the Austin area that I would not come back to Texas. Life changes. People change. Texas is the best place for us as a family right now. But after speaking at WCPHX in March 2023, I kind of miss everything Arizona in a big way. And I’m missing Mount Shasta.


I gave a presentation at WooSesh in October 2023 about building landing pages. I also emceed Kadence Amplify in October 2023. My presentation about hackers targeting small business websites for GreenGeeks is available.

I am speaking at WordCamp Phoenix on February 9-10, 2024. I’ll be speaking about Remote Work and a survival guide for getting the most out of work.

I spoke at WordCamp Phoenix on March 24, 2023 about the brokenness of passwords and how passkeys will save us. You can read my write up of WCPHX.

I presented at Page Builder Summit in June 2022 about dynamic templating in WordPress using Kadence. If you’re new to Kadence, my 2023 Page Builder Summit presentation gives you a great overview of what Kadence is all about and how building sites with WordPress is changing.


I am taking a break from podcast contribution for the time being.


In October 2023, I left my position as Director of Marketing at KadenceWP. I still firmly believe in Ben Ritner and the Kadence team, but my own personal needs required a change. I am still a member of the Kadence community and will support what the team there is doing.


I am writing more than I ever did before, some of it for personal pleasure, some of it for public consumption, and some of it for a longer term project.

I am building a houseplant collection, and I am enchanted by fiddle leaf figs and calathea plants. Two of my calathea plants have died, so now I’m going to try orchids for fun. Thus far, orchid number one is doing well but orchid number 2 got named and died.

I’m also starting in on a gardener’s paradise in the backyard, though I’ve been warned I am risking feral hog invasions if it gets too good. It’s like free range bacon, isn’t it?


I’m a barn mom to a teenager who is too smart for her own good. I love being around horses, who knew.

I seem to have somehow raised a son that doesn’t need me anymore. Does that mean I did it right?


My daughter turned me into a Swiftie. I don’t know what is happening to me, but I like it.

You can creep on my Spotify profile if you feel like you must but you will find things unexpected there. I know I do.

My son has turned me on to The National. Knowing that Aaron Dessner helped to create some of my favorite Swiftie music helped quite a bit. We went to see their last US concert on this tour in November 2023. It was amazing and so much fun.


In the last year, I’ve really focused on my own health. I started lifting weights regularly and a regimen of active supplementation. I am feeling healthier than I have in years.


Still walking every day. Still meditating every day. Being here now. Every day.

I realized recently that I’ve been walking every single morning for 14 years. It is my meditation and my solace.