Sunday, we experienced a full on annular eclipse here in Mount Shasta. We decided we would have the most fun watching the eclipse from up on the mountain.

The kids were nonplussed by all of the hoopla. After our generous neighbors brought out the eclipse glasses and the eclipse was close to 100%, they were impressed. There were quite a few people on the mountain to watch the eclipse, and they didn’t hold back their excitement when it was time to express it.

Energetically, I could feel something shifting. There are rumors that the eclipse lined up Earth, the moon, the sun and the constellation Pleiades in alignment for the first time in over 26,000 years. I am not sure if the electricity of what I was feeling was interplanetary mojo or not, but I definitely felt something larger than daily experience.

It was really a good time. People had apparently come to Mount Shasta from around the world to witness the eclipse from this magical place, and mother nature did not disappoint. Even the clouds joined in the festivities, adding to the color and nuance of the spectacle.

After the eclipse, we ended up at the Wayside Restaurant for dinner. They apparently went from empty to packed within about 10 minutes post-eclipse, with huge parties coming in. Here’s a testament to a good restaurant… they called in extra staff to help out. Though they had gotten slammed with business, we got our food on time and delicious, and our wait staff was on the ball ensuring that we got everything we needed.


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