We’ve been getting an immense amount of rain here in Mount Shasta, and they’ve predicted that the snow up on the mountain will break previous storm snowfall records… of course the previous record is on Mount Shasta, too.

The winds the other day were immense. So much so that an 80 foot tree on our property fell and nearly hit the house.

Alex and Riley sniff the new bush. That’s the cherry tree that got slammed by the tree.

I had loud music on in the other room (it was probably Coldplay, due to Claire’s recent Chris Martin obsession), so I didn’t hear it. I felt it, though, and figured Mark had dropped something upstairs. I went to investigate.

The tree roots. A very small tree in front of them. Our house in the background.

It was a tree that had fallen. It narrowly missed the house.

Had it fallen two feet the other way, it would have damaged the house.

The very top of the tree was resting on the back porch. It almost hit the house.

It’s pretty amazing that an old 80 foot tree would fall in the least damaging place possible, by a matter of inches. Of course, we have many other trees on our property that could be toppled by wind, which left room enough for paranoia that an entire room might be taken out. But we survived.

We also got some more firewood, always helpful in a Shasta winter. And we’re taking the very top of the tree, as mangled as it is, for our Christmas tree this year.

This year, 2012, has been quite a challenging year. We’ve had all sorts of things pop up that changed the game. Each one of them had a karmic depth of challenge that was unusual. And each one was dealt with, bringing a new level of manifestation mastery. Life is better because of the challenges, not worse.

When we were living in Texas, I knew deeply that we were to move to California, and it was only a matter of time before it opened up and we were to move. Within hours of letting our landlord know that our time in Texas would be limited, we received a phone call letting us know that a house — this house — was opening up for us. We thought that living in this amazing house was only going to last for a few months. However, we’ve been gifted with an opportunity to live here for three years now.

The house here has been a huge gift for everyone involved. It has given us inspiration, a sanctuary, a place of connection, and clarity. That’s been a gift from being in Mount Shasta, but this house is a huge part of it. Some of the circumstances around the house might not be clearly a miracle, but the actual end result of being here has been miraculous.

In other news, Max is doing extremely well in school this year. He’s got perfect attendance, made honor roll, and got a good citizenship award. Shasta has been exceptionally good for him, too.

As we come up on our three-year anniversary of moving to Mount Shasta, I can honestly say that every thing that happens to us here is a miracle, even the things that seem like they’re not.

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