The past few months have not been the easiest. Bad news after bad news, and challenges I won’t get into here. And in the middle of all of it, I was called to finish a book that I started last fall when things weren’t so challenging.

The “calling” came through undeniable synchronicities. I had no idea why, but I followed what Spirit seemed to be guiding me to do. It felt somewhat disingenuous to go through the process of writing a book about wealth while I was going through preparation for an IRS audit (how much wealth am I generating with that manifestation, you know!?), but I followed where the inspirations were leading.

The process ended up giving me everything I needed as I was going through the challenges. The messages in the book were for me as much as they were for the participants and for the book. The chapters seemed to write themselves, almost as if a larger part of me was writing it, or something outside of me. When I was bogged down in the details of my everyday life, something would happen that would allow me to see exactly what would need to be written next.

It was an amazing process, and not at all “work.” In fact, the book is a testament to my spiritual sustenance and connection to something larger than myself.

The greater lesson for me now is one of hope. When things were challenging and overwhelming, writing The Wealth Diet created one thing that I could focus on that was productive and moving forward. It became a port in a storm where I could channel my creative energy.

I still have challenges, but I am already turning my attention to the voice that continues to want to write and move forward. Messages keep coming in, messages that I can only assume want to be written.

The message, too, is that there is something larger than our conscious minds within each and every one of us. The message of love and assistance during even the darkest hours is always there within our hearts waiting to be heard. Our challenge during times of challenge is to listen to that voice, heed its call, and embrace that larger part of who we all are.

That, my friends, is true wealth. And we all have it within ourselves.

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