I know I am woefully behind on getting an update written. So much to write about, so little time. But I had a really magical experience the other evening. Claire insisted that I take her on a bike ride around the neighborhood. I protested that it was too late, but she insisted, “You promised!”

Had I done what I wanted instead of what Claire wanted, I would have missed this magical sunset. The colors only lasted a few minutes. Luckily I have a good camera on my phone, so I was able to stop and get a few shots.

This is why I live here. Mount Shasta is magical.


A few months ago, Claire insisted I get a lottery ticket, too. It was one of those cheap-o scratcher tickets. I didn’t want to, but she insisted. Of course I won some cash, and now Claire uses that as a reminder that I need to do what she says.

I lament having an 8 year old tyrant at times, but sometimes it pays off to do what Claire asks. The money was nice, but the magic of seeing that lenticular cloud glowing pink with the sunset was worth so much more.

More soon. I promise!

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