I walk the dog at 5:30 every morning. The sun is barely up, it’s cool outside and there are few (if any) people. This morning, we ran into an older gentleman who wanted to say hi to the dog.

I have a golden retriever. I cannot be antisocial with a golden retriever no matter how cranky and tired I am. If someone wants to say hi, we say hi. There is no social distancing in the golden retriever world.

In the midst of Bodhi’s excitement, the gentleman asked me, “So what do you think about all of this?”

Knowing that could mean anything, I said, “All of… what?”

“This virus. The economy. America. What do you think? Are we going to be ok?” he clarified.

In a moment of pre-caffeinated clarity (or not), I had no filters. I didn’t try to read his take on things, what major news network he had been watching, or if he was democrat or republican. Nothing premeditated. It just… came out.

“We were always okay. Humans are resilient, and Americans always bounce back. The sun is still shining and the birds are still singing, and at the core of it all, we’ve always been okay.”

“It’s the people who are drilling fear into us. They’re the ones who aren’t okay.”

It was a moment of unfiltered clarity and it felt so damn good to just say what I really think and own it, without having to think about who might be offended.

The man smiled at me. “You have a golden dog. Enjoy him. He’s good for you.”

He is. He is a very good boy.

And we are going to be okay.

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