I’ve been buying plants. I left my plants behind in Mount Shasta with a friend, worried they wouldn’t make the 2-day journey to the desert. With the uncertainty of whether or not we were staying in Arizona, I lived without plants.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was a plant. I was in a planter with a number of other plants, and I kept growing too large, and I was crowding out other plants. So, someone cut me back so I would fit into the planter and not block the sunlight from smaller plants.

The symbolism is not lost on me. I have been feeling confined, as many of us are in the midst of pandemics and lockdowns, and I have been experiencing unwanted trimming. Some of that trimming could not go on.

My sanity, my health, and my well-being require personal growth. Everyone needs that. You’re either growing or dying.

Everything is on its way somewhere.

I just don’t have the new dirt or new pot picked out quite yet.

My favorite plants lately are calathea. These gorgeous variegated leaves move depending on how much light is around. In the morning, my “prayer plants” open to the sun and vibrantly soak up as much light as they can. At night, they close up. There are plenty of time lapses around the internet if you’re interested. These plants make me happy, and they seem to be forgiving of me not really knowing how to take care of them.

When I first moved to Arizona, I wasn’t thrilled about my new surroundings, but I got a massive download to “bloom where I was planted.” And so, I did. As best as I could, I embraced where I had landed and made the most of it.

I’ve had a hard time doing the same in Texas, feeling bewildered and somewhat lost here. But I’m watching my kid blossom, and that matters a whole lot.

There’s something really powerful about being able to love what you do not necessarily like. In this reality of duality where there is heartache and hopefulness, pain and pleasure, sadness and happiness, peace and war, extraordinary abundance and soul-crushing poverty… there is magic in finding balance where we make peace in the midst of both. Trusting that everything is exactly as it should be is incredibly freeing.

I’ve been challenged to do that more than I’d like in my life, but it’s been the one thing that keeps me sane.

Nothing is perfect. And yet, it’s all perfect.

Right there.

That’s the place where our power lies. Make peace and love that which you don’t like. It all comes from Source, it is All That Is.

Our job is to find our inner resonance with the Truth of who we are, and in that space of who we really are, nothing else matters.

Well, some things matter. How you feel matters. Can you feel okay, happy, peaceful and playful when what you don’t like is happening around you?

You know that you can.

I can.

You just have to come back to center, back to who you really are, and let go of the need to have the external world be anything other than what it is.

The world will take care of itself.

You, however, must care for yourself. In all ways and always: put your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health and well being first and foremost. For me, that means a bigger pot, a little more sunlight, and some really good, well-rotted compost.

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