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Hi. I'm Kathy Zant!


Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kathy Zant, and this is my home on the web. 

I contribute on Wordfence’s Think Like a Hacker podcast if you want to hear what I think about WordPress, security, and innovation.

I also have my own neglected podcast, A Web of All Things. I’ve been so focused creating content at work lately, my own writing and podcasting have taken a back seat. I’m aiming for balance, so look for content there too.

I’ve been a user of WordPress for well over a decade, and only recently I’ve become active in the WordPress community. I helped out at WordCamp Phoenix. We’re ramping up for WCPHX 2020, and I’m excited about that.


Kathy Zant
WordCamp Phoenix Org Team
Kathy Zant WordCamp Sacramento

I am a Speaker

Need a speaker? I love talking about WordPress, the community, the open web, publishing online, security, hacking, and innovation. I also like to talk about changing mindsets to live a more fulfilling life. I do my best to inject comedy and fun into every talk I do. 

I’d be happy to discuss your event’s needs and prepare a presentation specific to your needs. Or you can peruse my past talks and see if something fits. 


I am a Walker of Dogs

In 2010, I met a golden retriever named Riley. I then was graced with my own golden, Alex. We walked every day in our rural neighborhood outside of Mount Shasta City. They’ve since moved on, as have I. Now I play with Bodhi on the outskirts of Phoenix. But I’ll never forget these two gud bois. 

I am a Writer

I’ve been writing since the beginning of time. I hope to write more. You can read some of the things I’ve written on the blog.  

Latest Writing

WordCamp US

I’m sitting in a Sheraton hotel room in downtown Seattle. I’ve got a cup of Starbuck’s Pike Place in front of me, and my eyes and brain don’t want to focus. After WordCamp US, I worked a few frantic days at home and then grabbed yet another flight, this time to WordCamp Seattle. I had a blast at both WCUS and WCSEA. Right this moment, I am tired. I am not sure if I’ve been this tired before in my life. And yet, it’s been worth it. Open | The Community Code At WCUS, we premiered our documentary short about the WordPress community, Open | The Community Code. It started as an idea and recognition of our friends in the WordPress community that give so

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Thank you, Sacramento

I had the opportunity to speak at WordCamp Sacramento, which holds a special place in my heart. Sacramento was my introduction to the WP Community, thanks to the amazing Jennifer Bourn. I am always happy to come back. It was great to have a fun Star Wars theme! Jose Castaneda did a fantastic job as lead organizer of the event at the Falls Event Center in Roseville. Thank you to the organizers for inviting me; I am always honored to come to WCSAC. Here are my slides. You can copy them, you can share them, you can reuse them or parts of them for your own talk wherever you want to spread the good word about WordPress security. A reminder: Use unique passwords everywhere. Use

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The Hacker Mindset

WordCamp Boston, Thank you!

This might have been my most fun talk yet, and I owe it all to the audience. I had a great time! Thanks for the hospitality! Here are my slides. And I promised some other links to resources during questions, here’s hoping I remember them. Chris Teitzel’s interview on Think Like a Hacker, episode 31. Have I Been Pwned. 1Password. Leverages Have I Been Pwned and checks for your passwords in breaches. Also has 2FA time-based one time codes in the interface. Last Pass. Another good password manager. Has a stand-alone 2FA app that can be used instead of Google Authenticator. The Most Expensive Lesson of My Life. Why you need to avoid SMS 2FA. Our banks need to get with the program. You can

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