Dick Cheney, the purple unicorn

Dick Cheney is a purple unicorn Let me introduce you to Dick Cheney, my daughter Claire’s purple unicorn. Claire received this lovely unicorn after her dad went on a business trip to Las Vegas.

Claire named her (apparently purple unicorns are girls, at least according to Claire) Cheney, and her big brother asked if it was Dick Cheney. Claire thought, wow, that sounds like a great name, I imagine. And so, we’ve been living for quite a few months with Dick Cheney the purple unicorn.

Dick Cheney has many adventures around the house. Sometimes Dick Cheney takes a bubble bath and has her hair combed. Sometimes Dick Cheney watches My Little Pony repeatedly while snuggled under pink blankets. Yesterday, Dick Cheney had to wear a pink tutu and attend a tea party.

And this morning, Dick Cheney is refusing to wear clothes and is running around with a 3-year old naked.

Me, I’m just glad the 3-year old is clothed. And I’m thankful Dick Cheney can spend her days entertaining the 3 year old.


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  1. I am glad to hear that Dick Cheney has finally found something worthwhile to do rather than terrorize the world as he had previously done. Count on Claire to tame even the most savage beast!!

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