Intuitive Guidance Consultations

Get clarity and focus so you can find happiness.

Want to get more clarity in your life? Let me help.

I’ve been intuitive my entire life. After living in Mount Shasta for the last 6 years, my intuitive self has been on supercharge. It has helped me manifest the life that I most desire by getting really clear about myself and what I want, and tweaking beliefs, thoughts, and my attention so that I can better manifest the life I desire.

I’d like to help you, too.

The spiritual wake up call

This planet, and the people on it, are going through tremendous shifts. And yet, we’re not shifting into something foreign. It’s more like we’re shifting into something that more fully expresses who we really are. That process sounds like it should be incredibly easy, but it can bring up a lot of fear.

Do you feel stuck? Feel like you need to make a change, but not sure what to do? Do you have a dream, but it seems next to impossible to get there?

You’re not alone. In so many ways, you are REALLY not alone.

Not only are you going through shifts that other people on the planet are soaking in, too, you have a support system at the ready that you can easily and quickly tap into to get guidance and support.

Who am I and how I can help

I’ve been intuitive and a spiritual seeker my entire life. I’ve always been able to read other people’s patterns and energetic fields, and I have taught myself a number of different divination strategies in order to get guidance for my own life. I’ve always done “readings” for my friends and family, to let them know where the energies are and how to better work with them.

I have been asked, pushed, and prodded to put my services out there for others to call upon. Yes, you. If you’re interested in living a life frequency more centered in empowerment, love, joy, abundance, and happiness, I can help.

Readings for me are a balance of two things: honoring and respecting where you are, even if you’re living in fear, restriction, and self doubt, and encouraging you to let go of those illusions so that your true self can come forward. In doing so, I support you where you are with love and compassion, while giving you encouragement and guidance how to more fully live your dreams.

Your skills and intuition were astonishing. Thank you for showing such love and acceptance throughout my session. I finally feel free of the beliefs that have kept me in unhelpful patterns for so long. I have never been to a professional before that has made such an impact on my life, and I’ve gone to many of them. I cannot thank you enough.

D. K.

You have been such a gift to my life, and I am so thankful you were able to help me with an issue that has plagued me for so very long. The shifts in my life have been remarkable. I now feel the courage to face anything in life. Thank you for your unique perspective and the tools I need to live the life I want. Thank you for believing in me. With great respect and gratitude…

Laurie C.

What you can expect

One of my favorite tools is vedic astrology. I’ve been studying for over 10 years and utilizing the elements of the oldest system of divination to survive persecution. It is both simple and elegant, but it requires some study to understand. I’ll take your birthdate, birthplace, and current location to take a look at your experience through the eyes of the Vedas.

But that’s not all. My intuitive skills will dive deeper into the core issues you’re currently facing and unpack the issue so that you can see and feel with clarity the path ahead.

You will receive

Clarity about your frequency, life path, and karma.

Compassion and direction in relationships, whether S.O., friends, or family.

Answers about how you’re creating your life experience and why, and how to quickly shift beliefs so you can quickly shift experience.

Timeframes of shifts you can capitalize upon.

Belief analysis. How are your thought processes and beliefs creating areas of suffering in your life and how to shift out of it.

Highlights of your greatest assets and your weaknesses, where you let fear get the best of you and how to overcome it.

Homework. Yes, I know. But I will give you specific directions and ideas on how to shift your frequency so that you can shift your experience. It all starts with you.

Humility. Jeez, I am only human. I make mistakes. We all do. I’m here to help, not preach.

Filter-free as possible. We all are intuitive, and we all have our filters. I always take everything anyone says to me from an intuitive place with a grain or two of salt, and read their own filters before I determine if the answers are right for me. Because I see filters in other people, I try my best to put my own filters on hold during readings and let the data come through as clearly as possible. No one is 100% filter-free, but I do my best. And I’m pretty open about my filters… and I’ll add caveats if my own filters are showing up.

All sessions are recorded and available as an MP3 within a day after recording.