WordCamp Phoenix

WordCamp Phoenix 2019

It was my first year contributing to WordCamp organizing. I noticed that WordCamp Phoenix put out a call for organizers last summer. Sure, why not. I’m new here, I love WordPress, might as well contribute while meeting people. I had no idea. These people work so hard. They’re amazing. They think big and do what it takes. Rockstars, all of them. Planning and organizing the event has been quite an experience. I joked that it was much like planning a wedding: by the end of the weekend, someone is going to get married, but Uncle Bob is probably going to do something embarrassing. For this event, anyway, the role of Uncle Bob was played by the convention center. Some less than ideal things occurred, but …

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2018 and what’s next

This year has been a year of monumental changes in my life. I’ve moved my family to a new state, suffered through unimaginable heat over the summer, started attending and speaking at WordCamps around the country, made a ton of new friends, deepened some friendships, and lost quite a few others. Overall, the end of 2018 has landed me and my family in a much better place, though I miss the big mountain and her mysterious skies. With all of the positive changes, I am finding myself stretching still into new places and new roles. I’ve decided that social media, at least my use of it, needs to change. Toward that end, I’m rekindling my publishing here. After all, this is my space. No social …

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I returned home yesterday from DEF CON in Las Vegas. I attended with my teammates from Defiant. As we are a remote team, this is our annual get together for some face-to-face meetings, hacking escapades, and some fun. I knew there would be a lot of people there. I was woefully unprepared for the sheer crush of humanity. I brought my kids. After living in Mount Shasta, they haven’t traveled a ton lately. They had never seen Las Vegas. Mark took them around to sightsee while I did work things. We also got a badge for Max to attend DEF CON. Of course, Claire was jealous and wanted to see too. So we swapped badges for a bit so she could visit the R00tz Asylum …

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Recovering from Negative SEO

Negative SEO is really a thing. I’ve spent a good portion of the last year helping people recover from Google penguin penalties. One person had hired a bad SEO person who built spammy links to his site. The other company was under attack from a competitor who was attempting to get them removed from the search engine result pages (SERPs). Losing rank from the SERPs can destroy a business. And I imagine that this is what happens when someone finds out that they’re not in the SERPs anymore. It’s not good. Recovery requires a laborious process of researching links, determining what was a bad link versus a good link, contacting the site owners of the bad links, and creating both a spreadsheet to send to …

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state of the web

State of the Web 2015

I’ve been working in internet-based businesses for 20 years now. As such, I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve made a lot of money. I’ve gotten burned out. And I’ve gotten re-inspired. I’ve started working with a few businesses to help them take advantage of where the internet is today. And in a recent conversation with a client, I was asked what I saw as the top trends in Internet business right now. It made sense to put everything into a blog post, but where to put it… oh yeah, here is good. Might as well start blogging again, even if it isn’t about kittens, doggies, kids, or adventures in Shasta. (But yes, things in Shasta are awesome. The kids …

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Gmail Oh Noes

I’ve received about ten emails from those I follow about Gmail this morning. The emails go something like this: “Hey Gmail user, oh noes! Google has changed everything so that you aren’t getting my emails! Drag my email to primary!” Uhm, no. Not really. There’s nothing you can send me that is going to make me want your email in my primary inbox. It’s not that I don’t want your emails. I do. I signed up for your email. However, I don’t want you in my primary inbox. I want things that are important to me getting things done in my primary inbox. I leave gmail open on my computer in a tab, and I’m usually working in other tabs or applications while gmail is …

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Trends in Sales and Marketing

Fundamentals never change. But what are the fundamental aspects of sales and marketing, and what are the fads? The fundamental basis of sales and marketing is relationships. Obviously, no one gets paid until something is sold. There are two ways you can sell: you can manipulate a “prospect,” or you can connect with a human being and explain how your product and service will meet their needs. The internet has changed sales and marketing. However, they don’t change the fundamentals of sales and marketing: a relationship must exist between the product creator and the consumer. This lack of attention to the fundamental relationship between seller and buyer is the key to the problems in our culture. The internet is just another method of connecting people …

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Sponsored Sharing vs. Sponsored Spamming

Most of the people I know are on some form of social media somewhere. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, blog networks of all sorts. I love social media. It’s helped me reconnect with friends from years past and keep up with family and friends that live too far away. These online meeting grounds do not charge for their services, and most of them have advertising on sidebars or elsewhere. I know that there is great cost associated with managing such a deep network, so I don’t mind the advertising. Sometimes I even find the advertising interesting. Of course, as more eyeballs turn to social media for their distractions, more advertisers are looking for ways to “monetize” social media. There are internet marketers, spammers, and scammers …

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Dreamhost versus Hostgator

Technical difficulties threatened to nix my attempts to find sand and waves for spring break, but I emerged victorious. I had only a few days to move sites for the business to a new server. And then Dreamhost had an outage. Gah. I remember outages in the early days of Dreamhost too well, I think. So, I decided to go with Hostgator. I had heard enough people talking about them, and they had a 45-day money back guarantee. See? It’s right there on the top of their web site. I ordered a server on Friday afternoon. By Friday night, it was set up. Except it wasn’t. After fighting with the server for an entire day — and being told by Hostgator technical support that I …

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