Mindfulness for Busy Moms

I am a big advocate of meditation as a method of clearing unproductive thoughts. Very rarely do helpful things happen in the mind, but meditation is the best tool for clearing those unhelpful thoughts so that more productive ones can come forth. “The mind is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant.” As you watch your thoughts, you’ll notice some patterns. Some thoughts are about the past. Some thoughts are about the future. Very rarely, you will have a thought that is helpful in the here and now. And those productive thoughts seem to creep in when you’re focusing your mind on something else. Productive, inspired thoughts are often a result of meditation. And honestly, those inspired thoughts often begin as a feeling rather than …

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The end of days

My 3 year old is constantly asking me questions for which I have no answer. She is quite aware of her surroundings, and very bright. Today she was listening to a song about how sunset is the end of the day, and she asked me, “When will the days end?” I answer: “Uhm. When the sun goes down?” Claire: “No, all the days. When do they stop?” I told her that we don’t know, we’re not supposed to know. “Does Jesus know?” “I guess, maybe. Maybe Buddha and Quan Yin know, too. But it’s not something we know.” A few weeks ago, she asked me if our lives here are just a story. You know, like maybe we’re just all actors in a drama that …

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Dick Cheney, the purple unicorn

Let me introduce you to Dick Cheney, my daughter Claire’s purple unicorn. Claire received this lovely unicorn after her dad went on a business trip to Las Vegas. Claire named her (apparently purple unicorns are girls, at least according to Claire) Cheney, and her big brother asked if it was Dick Cheney. Claire thought, wow, that sounds like a great name, I imagine. And so, we’ve been living for quite a few months with Dick Cheney the purple unicorn. Dick Cheney has many adventures around the house. Sometimes Dick Cheney takes a bubble bath and has her hair combed. Sometimes Dick Cheney watches My Little Pony repeatedly while snuggled under pink blankets. Yesterday, Dick Cheney had to wear a pink tutu and attend a tea …

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Obligatory hello world

For years, I worked as a web developer, creating web sites for clients all around the world. For years, this domain was business only. Then, life changed. Work changed. And finally, this domain changed. Not sure how much I’ll be writing here just yet. But I might as well put something here for  now until I am ready. Until then, you can read about me.

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