Bring Back Summer

Winter has never really bothered me. I’ve heard people say that as we get older, all we talk about is the weather. So, maybe that’s it. I am old now, and I talk about the weather. This winter is really getting to me. On Halloween, as I was standing outside around a fire at a […]

Life Update June 2013

So, long time no write, eh. I haven’t had much to write. No contrast, I suppose. Things haven’t been all wine and roses, but they haven’t been unmanageable. Life has been exceptionally good this year. Busy and active, but very good. I have enjoyed the early spring here in Mount Shasta, putting my veggies in […]

121212 Concert Blew Me Away

I rarely watch TV anymore. In fact, we don’t have traditional television, only a Roku. Well, Claire is a huge Chris Martin/Coldplay fan, so I loaded up the 121212 concert for her last night so she could see him. I have always enjoyed music. While I look back on some of my high school music […]

Rewriting Greek Mythology

Every night, the kids gather around and I read to them. Being kind of a nut about classics, history, and meaningful learning, I was scouring our overfilled bookcases for something meaningful that they would actually enjoy. In Mark’s bookcases (which are usually off limits to us; he’s kind of obsessive about his books!) we found […]