Someone Moved

We moved to Phoenix in mid-June. I don’t yet feel at home. The oppressive heat has been wearing on me, but I can see an end to the furnace-inspired onslaught soon. I find ways to stay positive and adapt.

I like the skies here. 

Last night, a dear friend from Mount Shasta called.

Before I could even lament the heat, he said, “I know you’re homesick. I know it’s hot there. But if you were here, you’d have to deal with the heat AND the smoke. When the winds are from the north, it’s smoke from fires in Oregon. When they’re from the south, it’s smoke from Redding.”

The fires have been giving me a strong case of survivor’s guilt. My heart is still firmly planted in Mount Shasta. What happens there matters a lot to me.

And yet, the wildfires of the last few years were a deciding factor in my decision to move. I really never wanted to leave. But three summers of intense smoke were getting too much to bear. Watching Alex suffer through the smoke while he was so sick last year was really the last straw.

Some compromises were made after housing searches near the coast were proving unfruitful. A visit to Phoenix in May opened a lot of opportunities. We’re renting and not quite sure if we’re permanent valley residents quite yet. People tell me to hold on, hang in there, by fall I’ll love it here. I am surrendering to that.

I like that I can find anything and everything I want here. 

August was to be trips to the coast, and I was holding out for that. One small problem: the Phoenix area school year starts August 8. Not even kidding. I suppose I should have checked on such things. But honestly, every school district I’ve ever known starts sometime near Labor Day. I thought perhaps with the summer heat, school might not start until mid-September. How naive, non-Arizonan!

With the pain of inevitable growth and loss hanging overhead as I stretch out of comfort zones, I catch glimpses of good things on the horizon. Though it is hot, I am venturing out and about and meeting new people. I’ve found volunteering for things that I like makes a new place so much more interesting and fun, so I am doing that.

And writing.

This blog has languished. And I’m getting strong intuitive messages that it’s time to up the commitment to this space and maybe even another. I switched some design elements around and I’m diving into the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Again, more staying positive and adaptation to my environment.

I like Lake Pleasant is close. There are pools everywhere and I don’t have to take care of any of them.

The move has been hardest on me and Max. We both loved our mountain enclave. I miss my neighborhood, my neighbors, my friends. I miss my morning walks through quiet forests. The desert is so different.

Mark much prefers here, and Claire is embracing change and new opportunities.

So, we adapt.

Fun things:

  • I visited Saint Louis and attended WPCampus as a representative for Defiant. I had so much fun with this group of very passionate and connected higher ed WordPress users.
  • The kids and I took a trip up to Sedona. Max asked why we didn’t move there instead. He has no idea of my lifelong Sedona fascination, and yet somehow he knows. He enjoyed it rather a lot.
  • I have all but given up on Facebook. Long story. Privacy, usability, a community of hateful commentary… I’m done. I still use it to check in on some things, but it’s starting to feel like AOL 1999.
  • Work is fascinating. Every time I think I’ve done all I can do and have mastered my world, a new challenge shows up to pull me out of my comfort zones.

I like that I can smell opportunities everywhere. 

And finally, some photos.

Arizona sky
The skies are beautiful, especially with monsoon season.
Max in Sedona
Sedona got this teenager out of the car and taking pictures.
pyramid mountains
Though it’s not exactly Black Butte in Mt. Shasta, it has the same pyramid like feel. I like these hills.
bodhi and sven
The fur-enabled beasties are either adapting or plotting my demise under the kitchen table. 

This post was written and organized using Gutenberg. So far, so good. Here comes the future. 


Create Your Life

I want to share a process with you that I have personally used multiple times to change my life dramatically.

The first time I used it, I tripled my income in a matter of months. That was over 20 years ago. The last time I used it, I shifted quite a few things I never thought possible in a matter of a week.

Life on planet earth has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Our manifestation efforts are rewarded much sooner as we become less dense. Time appears to be speeding up, but really, we are the ones speeding up. Time just seems to reflect back who we are. Our spiritual selves are awakening to who we really are, and that is ensuring that our reality reflects our beliefs much more quickly.

It means that when we worry, we create more of our worries. When we delve into anger, we create more of our irritations. When we entertain our fears, we see more that reflects danger. It’s made the world look a lot more wobbly and messed up, but again, we see, hear, and feel what we are.

But this shift also, of course, presents an opportunity. It presents an opportunity to create more of who we really are, more of what we really want, and more that brings us joy if we’d only allow ourselves to go there more often.

And because we live in a forgiving and safe universe, it doesn’t mean that we have to hold those states permanently. We’re allowed to wobble.

It’s kind of like working out… you start, and it hurts and feels uncomfortable. But then after a few weeks, you feel great and you can’t wait to work out. First, we allow ourselves to go to the place where all is perfect in our world. After a while seeing our world reflecting back that experience to us, it becomes much easier to maintain that state going forward.

So, here’s the process of consciously creating what you want. You’ll need to customize the process for yourself.

Determine how you create. Do you write? Paint? Draw? Scrapbook? We’re all creative somehow, as we’re all co-creators with the Divine energy that flows through us. It is entirely who we are. Decide how you’re going to create.

For me, I create in words. I write at least 1,000 words every day, sometimes for myself, sometimes for others, sometimes into the 3 books I need to finish. But I am a writer. So for me, I write.

For my good friend the artist, drawing and painting is a better creative outlet that allows him to get into that flow state where time and space disappears.

For another friend who is hyper organized and scrapbooks for fun, that’s her modality of creation.

There are many ways we can get lost in creation. I can also get lost in gardening, cooking, or even making natural deodorant and toothpaste. But for this process, choose something with computer, paper, or canvas. It is more about finding and maintaining that creative state and less about what you create. Immersing ourselves in that creative flow is what we’re looking for.

Imagine your perfect life. We’re creating a representation for our creation in the medium of words, pictures, or drawings, but that creative force of our desires resides within our imagination. Don’t limit it, don’t think about practicalities or how it might happen. Just imagine what happens after the perfect experience has come into your life. Here are some areas to think about, but also focus on the area that scares or worries or makes you feel sad the most.

What does your perfect life look like? Think about:

  • your finances
  • the car you drive (if you want one)
  • the house you live in
  • the area of the world you live in
  • creative opportunities you have to explore
  • the relationships you have with friends, children, family
  • that intimate relationship
  • your great job (if you want one)
  • your business
  • your body and your health

get creativeCreate the story of that perfect life. It’s just a story, just a picture, just a drawing, just a scrapbook. You get to have as much fun with this creation as you would like. Allow yourself to get really lost in the creative feeling, that blissed out place where you feel slightly altered. Write whatever comes to mind. Draw whatever comes to mind. Just let it flow and keep working on it. You might need multiple pictures, or maybe just one. You can go through magazines or internet searches to find pictures of the things you want, the experiences you want. Don’t think too much about how you will get things, or what needs to happen, or who needs to do something, just imagines that it has already all been done for you. It already exists in your mind just because you have imagined it. Now you’re creating the plan, the blueprint, the model for what comes next. Remember, it is less about exactly what you find and create and more about the state you are creating for yourself. How does it feel to create that? How does it feel to see your perfect life? How do you feel while you are creating? Really allow yourself to feel that.

Quiet the critical mind. The critical mind is the part of you that wants to keep you safe. It’s the part that tells you things need to be written a certain way, or that something is out of proportion. It tells you thinks could be better, or thinks of what others might say. Thank your inner critic for its feedback, but remind it that this is just play for you and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Words can be misspelled, and sentences can be repeated. You can jump from relationship to finances and back again based on whatever is flowing and coming up. There is no perfect process, only a perfect vision. Trust that the process that flows from you is good enough.

Let go. After 10-20 minutes of creating, when the words or pictures are not flowing anymore, put it all away. Save the document, file it away, or get it out of your mind and immediately change into a different activity. If you think about it too much, you can end up sabotaging your creations. You have to let go, trust the universe, and stop thinking about whatever is happening now. You’re creating something new. When you’re done, you’re done. Go back to your life, and live it. Stay present as much as possible; don’t think about the process, just live and use that state of creativity to be in your now.

Allow the wobble. You’ll start to see some rather interesting activities reflecting back to you that something has changed. Allow the wobbling to happen, and don’t fret too much about it. Just know that the universe has heard you, and that your manifestations are coming. You might get some negative feedback from someone that is comfortable with where you are and wants you to stay that way. Forgive them for their fear, and trust that even they will be okay.

Repeat this process no more than once per day, but only when you have a few stress free moments to allow yourself to go into that carefree, anything-is-possible state.

I’d love to hear how this process works for you. It’s done wonders for me, multiple times. And it’s working rather quickly for me these days.

Remember, we’re only limited by what we believe. If you believe that you can’t, you cannot. If you believe that all is possible, you’re absolutely right. Enjoy the journey!


How to use your emotions and beliefs to gain freedom

We’re still fostering kittens. Sapphire got sick at one point, and it upset me a lot more than I thought it would. Whenever there is an upset and emotions coming up around an issue that feel a lot more powerful than the event warrants, there are usually beliefs that need to be cleared.

Our emotions are not us, even though we might say, “I am sad,” or “I am angry.” Our emotions, however, are wonderful tools for getting at the various beliefs we hold that may cloud our reality.


Emotions, beliefs, and freedom

A friend and I have been talking recently about Dr. Bruce Lipton‘s work on the biology of belief. He came across a process, apparently rooted in NLP, that can be used to reprogram beliefs. Using what I have learned from the Emotion Code process, we put together a simple process of muscle testing, emotional identification, and belief shifting while standing on my front porch. I used the process to clear some of these unconscious patterns.

It was kind of shocking how fast it shifted my emotional state. When my friend came over, I was plagued by uncontrollable tears about Sapphire being separated from her kittens. Within a minute of going through our belief shift process, I was free and clear of the tears.

Sometimes we have to dive into something really difficult and go through it so that we can find areas where we need relief and release from the belief data that keeps us from knowing who we really are. But we’re often so fearful of the pain that is there, we’ll do whatever we can to mask or avoid dealing with the emotions as they come up. Some of us even take medications to avoid going there because it is so scary. But by avoiding the work, we avoid going into the dark so that we can pull our soul out of its prison cell.

We are not our emotional states. Emotions are transient. They check into the hotel of our being and stay for a while. Some, like the rockstars they are, trash the place. But we are not our states, as much as we try to convince ourselves that we are. Even our language dictates believing that we are our emotions. (e.g., I am angry, I am sad, I am happy.) We are the larger part of ourselves where we are free and clear of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Meditation makes the distinction

I am a huge fan of meditation as a tool to get out of the traps of emotions, beliefs and thoughts. You start seeing who you really are in meditative state, and it shows us how we are not our emotions, our thoughts, or our beliefs. Our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are tools that we use to navigate the matrix of life on earth. If we think that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are the things running the show, however, we’re imprisoned. As soon as we get the distinction, we become free.

Emotions show us the path to freedom

Our emotions, however, are quite useful. By allowing them to flow, allowing them to be what they are, they can show us what room they’re staying in within us. They let us know what beliefs we’re carrying around that cause us to make decisions about our life. Our emotions show us where our beliefs are, and it shows us what thoughts are plaguing us.

In the case of my sadness about Sapphire, I realized that I have been plagued by fears and anxiety related to abandonment and loss that stop me from taking certain risks in my life. I feared making certain changes because I was afraid of loss. Even asserting my desires and wants were becoming difficult as these erroneous beliefs were causing me to back down in fear whenever I was challenged.

I didn’t even have to spend hours in therapy looking for the erroneous beliefs. It doesn’t really matter where they came from, and it doesn’t really matter how they’ve caused me pain in the past. I just had to look at what was happening, and ask if it was something I wanted to change.

Often times, we want to make changes in our life, but we’re not quite sure what to do. We may be aware of our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts being separate from the real self, but we’re not quite sure how to leverage those emotions to find what we’re looking for. But our consciousness knows, and if we ask, we’ll get the pathway for clearance loud and clear. Our emotions are the key. The more we ask about what we’re feeling and the beliefs it’s associated with, the easier change becomes.

Quite literally, I was able to reprogram my beliefs without much analysis of where they came from, just by identifying what beliefs were operating, and intuitively determining the new belief and emotions that I would rather experience instead.

In the case of Sapphire, I decided that I would rather just know that no matter what happens, I am okay. So, I reprogrammed my unconscious to believe “I am okay with abandonment,” and “I am okay with loss.” Because really, we’re always okay. We might not like something, but we’re always okay.

Asking the body

Muscle testing is a pretty cool tool for getting at what is going on under the surface of our conscious mind. You know, the part of you that thinks it’s in control and knows what is going on, but the one that also is freaking out about the emotional state taking over. I have known about muscle testing for decades, but I am really lousy at reading it myself. And sometimes how we ask questions of our body can be tricky. Muscle testing is an art form that requires a bit of practice, and feedback from someone else who can help determine whether or not you’re getting something strong.

I started to write up everything that I did, and I realized that it was turning into a short novel. I tried to record a podcast about it, and realized I needed to do this visually. A friend, Armando, contacted me about doing a webinar about what had happened. Come to find out, he knew this process well, too.

So, we did a webinar, specifically about reprogramming the beliefs that create debt. You can view it on YouTube and get an idea of how this process works, and how you can use it to clear unhelpful beliefs. I also go into some detail on how I was able to help other people.

I am hoping to do even more of these webinars, sharing all that I’ve learned through various healing modalities. If you’d like to participate, join the mailing list for announcements!

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Fostering kittens provides awareness

11731966_10153493119337438_8239754883956526393_o The Humane Society put out the call for foster families for a mama cat with five babies. The rest of their foster families were already full, so I stepped up.

Claire and I have been visiting the kitten room at the shelter for a few weeks and we had discussed fostering. Yes, we have two cats of our own and a very awesome golden retriever, but kittens are something special.

Any rational person would look at my life and say, “You’ve got too much going on. Taking care of kittens is the last thing you need.”

But this small act of giving through caring for a mama and her babies is giving us all a lot more in return. It’s a small gift to them, and it is a larger gift of experience for me.

We’ve named them. Three girls, two boys.

Want to meet them?

magiMagi started out as Magellan, the first intrepid explorer to venture out and say hello. He’s very sweet and affectionate. He was also the first kitten to try solid food and is always the first kitten at the door to say hello and climb my ankles, which are looking like I am a piranha victim.

maiaMaia is very sweet and the smallest of the litter. She is a tortie with adorable tan paws. She loves to jump into my lap and invite her brothers to attack her as she defends herself, using my legs as her castle walls. She is especially fond of Claire and never stops playing.

skyaiaSkye is also called Skyaia, to rhyme with her sister Maia. She is shy and was very clear about her boundaries at first. She even did a whole, “talk to the paw” to Claire when she didn’t want to be picked up. She’s starting to warm up to us all, though. She’s curious, very smart, and the first kitten to step up and defend the family from the evil you and I know as the broom. Don’t tell anyone, but she might be our favorite.

midnight-gaiaMidnight isn’t as black as you’d think, but Claire wanted to name a cat midnight. She’s cute, sweet, and has fallen asleep in Claire’s lap more than once. I want to change her name to Gaia, and then we’d have Maia, Gaia, and Skyaia. But alas, Claire insists on Midnight. Max suggested Maddie and Claire used that as another opportunity to start one of our summer arguments I have nicknamed, “when does school start.”

bruceLast but not least, our shy boy, Bruce. It took a while before we figured out his name. It was Dave for a long time. His name is different dependent upon who you ask in the family. Claire called him Dave. Max called him Bartholomew. Mark wanted to name him Donald J. Trump. Hanging out with him over the last few days, I kept accidentally calling him Bruce, looked at him intently and said, “Yep, you’re Bruce!” A few hours later, Claire asked to call him Brooks, which was pretty close. Ever since renaming him Bruce, he’s been more friendly with us. His personality shifted a bit.

My legs look like I’ve been wading in a piranha-infested South American river. I’m covered in scratches and scrapes and little nips from their tiny razor-sharp claws.

I sat watching Sapphire, their mama, nursing them patiently. And I had memories of how I nursed my own children. I watched as the kittens tried solid food for the first time and began the transition of weaning. They’re now knocking down 3 small cans of cat food every day, and I know it won’t be long before they’re all completely weaned and mama will express her disdain with them. It’s all happening very fast.

Too fast. All of it.

mamaSomething very primal in me was awakened, and the temporary nature of all life started becoming very visceral.

In a few weeks, this little family will be broken up as the kittens go back to the shelter to get adopted. They’ll find new families and new humans to love them, new homes to explore. They’ll never see mama again, they’ll never see their siblings.

Right now, they need the safety of a small room, shelter, mama’s protection, and food. But soon, that safety and protection will become restrictive and confining.

And, too, that will happen for my babies who are no longer babies. Max is already starting high school and asserting his own independence. Claire no longer needs me the way she used to. The safety and protection I provide them will no longer suit them and will be confining and restrictive.

Watching Sapphire and her babies, the parenting experience is compressed into a few weeks. Things that to me seem like they’re going to go on forever, like Claire and Max arguing over everything from dinner to naming kittens, that fighting will end. They’ll go off and move in with friends and meet someone special and start their own families. Empty nest. New experiences.

I know, I’ve got years. Sapphire only has weeks.

But watching these guys, I can feel time dissolve into nothingness. I plug into so many endings, so many beginnings, so many transitions. They say life goes by like a blink of an eye, and the older we get the faster it seems to go. What seems like a blink of an eye of this magical experience of meeting Sapphire and her babies for a few short weeks is a microcosm of our own lives as parents. It goes way too fast.

Nothing on this planet is permanent

Even the things that seem permanent can disappear in a heartbeat. Disaster can wipe out entire communities, wiping out all we hold dear. Our relationships will morph and grow, or they will wither and fade away. Even our bodies are just temporary housing. The only thing of permanence is our consciousness, and yet it is the one thing we neglect all too frequently. We wake up in the morning, forget our dreams, and start worrying about everything we have to do for the day… everything that is transient in our life but sucks up so much of our attention. We forget about the one asset that we carry with us for eternity: our very selves.

Sitting with her, I felt tears well up in my eyes, for Sapphire’s little family being broken up soon, for my own family’s eventual and inevitable shifts, for my life that seems to be on hold in certain ways. Everything is going way too fast.

After trying in vain to get happy doing web work again, I found myself at my wits end with everything and everyone. I just cannot do it anymore. There is no joy, no creativity, no passion. I found myself pushing pixels for dollars, and wondering why I felt so horrible doing it. And in so doing, I was avoiding the one thing I needed to do. It’s too hard, I thought. Too complicated. It challenges other people in my life that get threatened when I speak out about what I see happening in the world. It is too challenging for some when I speak out about pretty much anything. I was allowing others’ discomfort to silence me, though I know deep down their discomfort is their thing and I need to get clear and clean with my own voice.

It’s not just me

On the global scale, we’re going through so many changes. It is like labor pains, as a new way of being human is being birthed. We get squeezed. We know something is going to change in a big way, but we have no idea when and we have no idea what the new way of being is going to look like.

Like a mama in her 9th month, we’re feeling done with the experience of being pregnant, and we’re ready for something new to show up. We keep looking for signs, wondering how much we’re dilated and effaced, looking for anything to give us an idea that our next experience is here.

And like a mama in her 9th month, we have no idea. We don’t know. We aren’t going to know. But when it’s time, you KNOW. There’s no question about it; when it’s time, it is time.

So when you’re in this place between a dying experience and a rebirth, what do you do? Do you distract yourself looking for signs? Do you scan the news, social media, and message boards looking for a sign of impending rebirth? Or do you just live out today the best you can?

Balancing knowing and not knowing

Likely, it’s a little of both. But there is great power in not knowing, in just allowing it to unfold the way it will. To know that you’re here, you’re still here for a reason. That you’re holding space for yourself and others to become more than you ever allowed yourself to be. That you’re expanding into a new world that will no longer restrict you. But along with that new world, you’re going to have to let go of what you think is so true for you.

mama-skyaiaFor today, Sapphire and her little family are here, safe, cared for, and loved. Soon, they’ll be off on great adventures of love and experience elsewhere.

For today, we’re all here and loved. Whatever tomorrow brings, trust that it will bring adventure, love, and excitement. We’re too confined and shut down in this system, and whatever happens next will give us much more freedom to explore. It has to.

But that freedom comes with a whole ton of uncertainty. It’s time to get really comfortable with that and welcome it. It’s time for us to step into ourselves, to grow up and move out of the nest as human beings, and claim our true power. That power is rooted in love and grace, and it’s that love and grace that are going to ground us and see us through.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be tears at the loss of what we no longer need, but trust that what’s on the other side is stepping into a playground of unlimited possibility and freedom.


Your True Self

Do you know who you really are?

We define ourselves by our roles in life: our jobs, our career, our roles as mother, father, wife, or husband. We define ourselves by our status, our home, or our cars, boats, or toys.

All of these things define us in the three dimensional world, yet none of these things define who we really are. All of the roles can change in a heartbeat, but who we really are never changes.

When we die and look back over our life experiences, we won’t remember the things, the toys, or the jobs. We’ll remember who and how much we loved.

In essence, who we really are is love. Who we really are is joy.

When you strip away all of the accoutrements of life on planet earth, we are only love. And yet, we spend very little of our time in this time and space matrix, experiencing who we really are.

I mean, really. How much of every day is spent feeling that connection to all that is through the feeling of love for others, love of earth, and love of life itself? If you’re like me, likely not very much. And yet, that’s all we are underneath our emotional and mental patterns.

Do you know what Satori is? (If not, it is defined as a sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination.) It is a feeling of that connection and knowingness. I’ve felt it a few times in my life, I mean, REALLY felt it.

How often do you have those feelings of enlightenment and illumination? Is it the exception rather than the rule? How can we switch that experience so that enlightened experiences happen more frequently?

In the reality we are now creating, Satori experiences will begin to become more normalized, not the exception. In the reality that we are now creating, knowing who you really are and experiencing your true self every day is going to be much more normal and accepted. It’s part of humanity’s awakening, and it is why so many systems are dying on this planet right now.

Wouldn’t that be great? How would your relationships with others change for the better if you could experience who you really are — and even who they really are — on a regular basis?

It won’t come from outside of you

But often, we sit waiting for events on the outside to show up to make us feel that. Remember all of those times you waited for someone to call, but you didn’t want to break tradition and call them? Remember how you would say things like, “If only I could have that car, I would be happy.” Or “If only I had that house, that husband, or those clothes.” Or even worse, we never find happiness. We instead get locked into the experience of avoiding fear. “As long as the economy is going great and I have money, I will be happy.” And yet, you start getting money, and you are never happy. How much is enough?

What a crazy concept to the real you. The real you is happiness. Happiness is not something that shows up in a 3 dimensional object. Happiness is something that you are. It is you. Love is you. Anything that gets in the way of you being you is just distraction and garbage. It is not the truth of who you are.

I stopped waking up first thing in the morning to check my email. It took some discipline and commitment, but I found that it got my brain spinning in directions I didn’t want it to go just yet. I have all day to worry about getting things done, but my mornings are special. I enjoy my time communing with spirit and remembering who I am. I get up very early (5:30 am) to have this time. And this is my time to write, my time to connect, and my time to remember. It infuses my day with a remembrance that this world is temporary, but the real me is eternal.

Are you remembering your eternal self on a regular basis, or are you getting lost in the three dimensional reality?

When you sleep, you visit other worlds. In dream state, you let go of all that you think you are, and you realize that your roles are malleable and impermanent. You play. You explore other probable selves in other space/time games.

And you think this is the reality, and the dream state is not. What if that were reversed? What if this is not real, and the dream state is much more reflective of who you really are?

Bringing Home Here

I have recently come across Dolores Cannon’s work. She talks about the three waves of “volunteers” who came to this earth to help escort the shift through. I am definitely one of these beings, as are many of the people I know. I see elements in all of them. One of the biggest ways I know when someone is of another place is that they often say, “I’m just tired. I want to go home, but I don’t know where home is.”

Wherever this home is, there is a definite experience of knowing the self much more than life experience on earth. And when we express that we want to go home, we are really expressing that we want to feel that connection again.

I’ve discovered that it is not hard.

Remembering who you are is like a muscle of experience. Like our intuitive selves, it comes through to us when we practice concentrating our attention on the feeling. We create our experience of life here on earth through our beliefs and attitudes towards it, and we have much more power and control over those beliefs, attitudes and experience than we would ever allow ourselves.

But now, it is time.

It’s time for us to start coming forth and choosing the power over our experience. And we do that through our decision to exercise our minds.

Connecting to your home

Drop your attention into your heart center. You’re likely spending lots of time in your mind, but your heart center has more power over your experience than you realize. As you drop your attention to your heart, imagine that it is a place where two energies meet. Imagine universal energy coming in from the space above your head and traveling down to your heart. Imagine energy coming up from the center of the earth and meeting the universal energy there. Imagine that there is so much energy coming from these sources that your heart awareness expands. Imagine that this energy is swirling in your heart center. This energy is you. This energy is love, joy, happiness, and excitement, and it is all that you are. You are one with the earth and one with the universe, and that energy blended is your creative power of manifestation.

Choose one object, preferably inanimate. Concentrate that energy like a beam of light coming forth from your chest and send this energy out to this object. As you are concentrating and holding this energy, use your mind for what it is good for: observation. Observe the magic of what happens. Try to hold this awareness for at least 3 minutes.

I won’t tell you what happens when I do this, but I will tell you to not only observe this object, but observe yourself, too. What do you feel when you hold this experience? What do you notice in this object?

I am going to bet that something shifts, but that something depends on you. You’re not going to change, the object is not going to change, but your awareness is going to change. What’s going to change is something that isn’t you, something that is not the object, something that is not even real.

Something falls away when you start to experience who you really are through concentration and focus. Something falls away when you start connecting with the knowledge that you are more than you ever allowed yourself to be.

Who you really are is so much more than what you have ever been taught, told, or allowed.

And yet, it is all you ever are. It is all you ever will be. Isn’t that great? How does it get any better than that?


The Internet: Training Wheels for Telepathy

Humanity has always been intuitive, however in modern times, we have been taught that our intellect is of utmost importance.

Of course, our intellect is very powerful, and it has been very useful. However, believing that our intellect is the only thing we’ve got going for us is like saying that having our right hand is more important than our left hand.

If we write with our right hand, it seems as if it is the most important because we use it most. However, our left hands are just as good, just as capable, if only we would train it to do things other than sit by watching the right hand have all the fun.

Similarly, our intuitive selves, our magical selves, the parts of us with higher knowledge and awareness, sit by and watch our intellect try to figure everything out. If only they would let me play, it thinks. We could have so much more fun.

So the magical self, the intuitive self that is much more aware of our place in the universe, plays with us. It sends us synchronicities and inexplicable magic. We think of someone, and then the telephone rings. We have a strange feeling to do something, follow it, and end up in a synchronistic meeting with someone who can help us with our goals. We have a dream and it comes true.

We worry, and yet we’re okay. In spite of our intellectual worrying and fretting, we end up okay. Somehow, we end up better than okay.

And our magical selves sit back and watch, celebrating our experience and excitement at how unique and magical it all is. These experiences open us up more to the reality of what we really experience here on earth, the amazement and awe of all that is expressed in three dimensional form here on earth.

If our intellects would just step back for a moment, if we could get out of our own way for a split second, that awareness of our true magical selves and our true magical experience could come through.

Our Training Wheels

Now, we have these magical smartphone devices that we carry everywhere, with apps galore allowing us to connect with any other human being on the planet. However, didn’t we always have that ability intuitively?

What if the internet, the smart phones, these apps where we can tune into whoever we want, what if they’re just our training wheels?

What if we don’t really need technology to do all of these things?

What if the internet is simply our training wheels getting us ready for something much more powerful?

yes, she usually has on a helmetMy daughter, Claire, has not wanted to ride her bike for two years. She fell fairly significantly two years ago, and she’s not wanted to get back on her bike since the fall. But she’s turning seven now, and I implored her to get back on it and learn how to ride. She’s still using her training wheels, just to get used to other elements of the bike like pedaling, braking, and steering. Having to balance and learn the other elements at the same time is too overpowering and makes her give up.

Technology is giving us the capability of experiencing the interconnectedness of All That Is without having to balance and realize its all us anyway. Space and time in this world of ours are constructs of the matrix we live in. In other words, space and time don’t really exist. And we’re getting to experience that in depth using technology. But the experience of spaceless and timeless self exists much more within us if we would only look within. We’re going to have to start riding without the training wheels of technology rather soon, and intuitive experiences, telepathic experiences, and spaceless and timeless experiences are going to become much more… normal.

We don’t need the technology to do it, but since we don’t believe we can get on the bike and ride without training wheels, we aren’t going to do it. Our belief in what is possible, or rather our belief in what is not possible, stops us from experimenting and experiencing the true reality of who we really are.

Perspective Matters

One thing that I notice most about how we are using our training wheels, however, is that we are using it within a dying paradigm. Let me explain.

When you first wake up in the morning, what do you do? You check your phone, your connections, your emails, your social media. You check the news to see what is going on.

During that incredibly impressionable state, you dump fear-based thoughts and judgments into your mind. You immediately start feeding the patterns of the past, patterns that no longer serve you. You compare yourselves to others, you start feeling that there is nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said, you shut yourself down because of fear.

Ah, just the way “they” like you.

For far too many generations, people have been motivated by the patterns of experience that do not serve their growth. Would you rather do things because you love them and are excited by them? Or would you rather do things because you are trying to avoid pain, because you are fearful of what may happen if you don’t?

Fear-based motivations are part of a paradigm of humanity that no longer serves us, yet it is being used tremendously to keep you paralyzed from your personal growth and experience that bring you joy. If you are worried about war, economic collapse, or being able to feed your family, you will not have the emotional, intuitive, or spiritual bandwidth to explore what brings you joy.

And yet, that joy sits waiting for you to open up to it.

Now that you’ve ridden the bike without training wheels, it is time for you to start practicing riding without. It is time to start going within yourself and finding the connections of spirit that serve you. There is an entire world of experience within you, and there are connections you cannot even fathom at this point. Remember the Dr. Suess book, Oh the Places You’ll Go? We cannot begin to even understand how much our experience is expanding, if only we will give our magical selves the time to explore.

It might feel weird at first, a little like writing with our non-dominant hand. But the more we try, the more we experience those connections, the more normal it will feel.

And as you are exploring the internet within yourselves, start using the internet of the third dimensional world in a way that suits you more. The fear-based paradigm of motivating humanity to do the bidding of a few is dying, and it is time for you to let it die. But if you keep using your tools to stay within the death spiral of humanity’s shackles, you will remain confined.

Use your internet in a way that suits you, in a way that supports joy, love, and peace, and the travels of consciousness will seem much more natural to you.

Humanity has always been intuitive, but we’ve allowed our magical selves to remain latent. As we start allowing ourselves to become all that we truly are, our world will become all that it truly is. You see, it always has been that way. It’s just that we haven’t allowed ourselves to see that magic.

It’s time to wake up.

Oh, and Claire is getting better day by day with the bike. She’s not quite ready to let go of training wheels, but eventually she will. Eventually we all will. Eventually we will all be free of the beliefs that keep us shut down.

What’s next

All of this contemplation came via intuition. And it leads me to wonder what’s next. If the internet is the training wheels for our intuitive, telepathic, and creative selves, what is next? What’s the next big thing?

I think it’s going to be free energy, fossil-fuel free travel, and shifts away from traditional education to start.

Society and our structures of support have a long way to go before they mirror who we really are, but I think some big shifts are forthcoming that will allow that support system to unfold.



The question of healing came up recently when someone wrote to Mark about one of his meditations and how it had helped them heal back pain. I started thinking a lot about healing, and why meditation and focused thought can create such dramatic shifts in our experience.

I’ve experienced some strange healing over the course of my lifetime. When I was first attuned to Reiki quite a few years ago (I’m actually a master trainer of Reiki), I experienced quite a dramatic healing. I was sick for about a week prior to my Reiki attunement, but afterward I was healed.

Since then, I’ve experienced quite a few healings that seemingly came from nowhere. And after learning about ho’oponopono from Mark, I have come to a deeper understanding of what heals. Healing is the release from everything that we aren’t. Illness and pain (whether physical or emotional) are not our natural state.

So what is? As so many religions and spiritual traditions teach us, love is all that is. God is love. Spirit is love. We are all love. So, I believe that love is our natural state.

Yet, it is one of those things that no one really wants to talk about.

What is love?

(Oh dear. I hope I didn’t get that Haddaway song in your head.)

I remember when I thought love was getting men to like me. I probably read way too many issues of Cosmopolitan magazine as a teenager and in college. After having a few altered experiences, and after a number of ill-fated and failed relationships, I know that love is a lot more than that.

With all of this life experience loving, there is one thing I can say for certain:  relationships and the games we play in them aren’t love.

Love is much simpler than that… it is all that we are. It is our attention and appreciation without agendas or games. It is rather simple in experience, yet it moves mountains and heals pretty much everything.

Love is our natural state — underneath all of the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and patterns we think define us.

That’s right, love is not an emotion. It’s not a belief or a thought. It’s not a pattern. Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns are all transient experiences that come into us for a short time, trash the place, and then move on. We are not our emotions or thoughts, and learning to meditate and separate from our emotions and patterns is highly valuable in the exploration of the self.

Love is a force that exists within us that we can’t be taught about in school, at work, or even in relationships. It’s something we have to explore on our own. I can’t even tell you much about it; it is something you have to experience for yourself.

If we want to be loved, we have to love. We have to feel love for ourselves and others before we can really understand what love is. We have to discover the love that resides within us before we can understand someone else’s love. And honestly, the love we feel from others is a reflection of the love we feel for ourselves.

Why we never learn how to love ourselves

Ever notice how many broken people are walking around on the face of the earth? I see them sometimes, and I study their energetic patterns and find so much sadness. There is no self love or appreciation, only patterns of hurt and protection surrounding a broken heart. There has been so much hurt and heartache in life, and it can take a lifetime to heal from it all. We’re all zombies at times, walking around with these patterns that don’t serve us and just create more pain.

So many broken people seem to perpetuate more broken people. Parents want well-behaved children, and it’s usually the loud, vibrant, and passionate children who are more full of love. Schools want us to sit, listen, and learn. Work wants us to produce and follow rules. Even shopping has its rules that we’re not supposed to break.

Where in life do we learn how to love? Where do we learn how to sing, dance, and feel passion? Where do we learn how to find out what makes us happy? Why isn’t that a part of how we teach our children?

The reason we never learn how to love ourselves — or others — is that there is no real motivation for anyone out there to teach us how to really love ourselves or others. And that’s a darn shame. We’ve got all of these people running around poking each other with their broken pieces, creating more hurt and sadness, and no one really taking our hands and fully loving.

I am guilty of a lot of this, too. It’s not that I have it all figured out, but I am getting more and more glimpses of how I would rather be.

How to discover true love

The only way we really figure out love — no matter if our goal is to find more passion in life, a better relationship, or just better experiences with the people in our lives — is to explore the love that we are. It is all inside of us, waiting to be discovered. It really is our natural state outside of our beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions. We really are, no matter our age, those passionate happy children who just want to have fun all day with whatever makes us happy.

Be as little children… and discover the happiness, passion, and love that resides within us. It is our birthright, and it is our natural state.

But how…

I recorded a short exercise to help with that experience. So many of us are disconnected from our heart center that we aren’t aware that the love we seek resides inside of us. The exercise is rather simple and easy, and with most meditative exercises, it is simply the focus of attention. Have a listen, and start exploring the love that you are.


The Guru Within

cropped-meadow-0329131.jpgThere is a meadow by my house. On one side of the meadow is a beautiful view of Mount Shasta. On the other side is a slightly obscured view of Mount Eddy. Like my neighborhood, the meadow is on the edge of nowhere. Directly west of the neighborhood is an abyss of nature full of all sorts of things that can be scary: bears, mountain lions, maybe even bigfoot.

I have spent most of my life in the wilds of skyscrapers. The wilds of bears and mountain lions actually scared me when I first moved here. I would walk with my friend Riley around the neighborhood and peer into the meadow. Riley would look up at me with longing eyes as if to say, “Let’s go in! It’s fun!” Riley showed me how much fun the meadow could be.

I have had a lot of blissful, wonderful experiences in the meadow and in the surrounding woods here. I am no longer fearful of what I might find, or what might find me.

Yesterday, Mark came home from a meeting with a spiritual friend in a state of bliss. I asked him a little about the experience, but he said I had to ask him questions about my own life or my own observations, and then perhaps he could share a little of what he got.

mount_shastaI started talking about the meadow, and how I was realizing how important it has been for me. I recounted a few of the experiences I have had there, connecting with nature, strange noises that seem to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, time slippage, and deep meditation and connection with what is real. I talked about how I have recently taken this natural beauty for granted, how I have not really been diving into it and experiencing it. I was starting to feel that this luxury of an experience in Mount Shasta was ending, and that it was time to go back to the “real world.” I told him how, since Riley’s passing, I’ve been going back to the meadow and remembering. It is a magical place for me, and I am grateful to re-experience it again.

Mark replied, “You are the meadow.”

With those four words as a response to my five minute monologue, he helped me dive deeper into the experience of what I was sensing. Yes, I am the meadow. The meadow is me. It’s all a part of me.

I spent too many years of my life afraid to go into the part of myself that opens up when I visit the meadow. I have turned away from that very large part of myself where magic happens, where I open up.

Riley showed me not to be afraid in the physical world. He showed me that what I really wanted was right there on the other side of what seemed scary to a city girl. Now, Riley is gone. I have Alex, who has of course never been afraid of the meadow. And I go into this magical place and just walk around experiencing the opening of the bluest sky I’ve ever seen, the mountains, and the earth.

And myself. The external magic of the place reflects back something in a deeper part of myself. The meadow, on the edge of an abyss of magical forest, reflects the abyss within myself that I have only danced around in this life of mine. I’ve stayed rather safe in my quite adept mind that likes to think it’s got it all figured out.

When I go into the meadow within myself, there is something much larger waiting for me to meet there. This is what is real.

meadow-032913The meadow is my doorway to the guru. And the guru is within me.

After Mark said this to me last night, I had wild dreams. In one, I was taught to fly. I was adept at it, taking my physical body to fly over everything. One of the places I flew in the dream was my meadow. Then I saw someone do something that angered me, so I tried to fix it. And I couldn’t fly as well anymore.

Sometimes these experiences feel like a luxury. To be able to walk every morning in such an amazing place, to be able to have spirit gift me with such obvious dreams, and to be surrounded by such loving beings in my family, friends, and neighbors. I am so blessed in ways far beyond anything I could ever buy. I am blessed by magic. I am blessed by just-in-time synchronistic experiences that ensure that I am cared for, provided for abundantly, and graced with opportunities to grow, to love, and to experience joy.

In this place, everything is a miracle.

Sometimes we think things are happening to us in life, when the real magic is that there is a larger part of consciousness that is ensuring things happen FOR us. Everything about this magical place I call home has been inviting me to explore the abyss of the guru within myself where only love resides.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
— Rumi


The Blessing of Manjushri

Tibetan monks visited Mount Shasta. I wanted to visit and connect with them, so I went to a meditation. I went to the only one I had time to do. It was a Manjushri empowerment meditation and blessing. When I told Mark that we did a Manjushri meditation and learned the mantra, he replied, “Oh no.”

“Oh no? Really? Why?” I asked.

“Don’t you remember? That’s the name Rajneesh/Osho gave [former business partner].*”

manjushri“That’s actually kind of hilarious. Manjushri is about cutting through illusion. See?” I showed Mark the image of Manjushri with the flaming sword. “He uses the sword to cut through illusion. [Former business partner] is all about perpetuating illusions for his benefit. No wonder he has so many problems! If you’re not cutting through illusions, I suppose being called Manjushri would be somewhat of a curse.”

We laughed a little about it, and went about our day. As time went on, I was starting to get messages about speaking out about our time in Austin. You see, neither Mark nor I have said much about our time there. We’ve alluded to things – like his blogs about the types of teachers which angered his former business partner greatly.

But we haven’t talked much about why we left.

I’ve tried my best to move on, and I feel like I have. Shasta has been an amazing home for me for the past 4 years. I feel like a completely different person. I’ve done a lot of healing here, healing I would have not been able to do anywhere else on earth.

But I get the sense that it’s time for us to get clear — really clear — on what happened in Austin and why we left. It feels like there is a bit of unfinished business, like someone left a garbage can open.

Of course, as per former business partner’s MO, that’s my manifestation because it’s in my reality. That I am being judgmental, and thus I am the one with the problem if he does something egregious. He gets a blank check, doesn’t he. He gets to judge, he gets to write lies and untruths, and if I say anything about it, I am only looking in the mirror.

Sigh. That twist of logic happened a lot during those years.

If I said anything about former business partner — for example being horrified that he went on a drinking binge during an event (May 2008) — then I was told to clean on it and not judge. He always had a way of telling people that if we didn’t like what he did, it was a reflection of something wrong inside of us that attracted his behavior.

So, if someone calls me a bitch behind my back (as he did), I attracted him doing it. If I call him a jerk, I am the one with a problem.

It’s a double bind isn’t it. I cannot practice discernment, or else I am judgmental. But he can judge me.  It was so perfectly convenient for someone who wishes to remain above reproach. If you try to defend yourself or even call out him on bad behavior, he turned it around and blamed the victim. It’s all your fault I spent the weekend drinking in my room. It’s all your fault I called you a bitch. And if you don’t like it, that’s your problem, too.

Here’s an important distinction. I get to judge. I get to discern. I get to say, “I don’t like this.” I even get to say, “That’s pretty messed up when you spent the weekend drunk instead of interacting with our event attendees that paid to meet you.” I even get to say, “You’re an asshole!”

There’s nothing non-spiritual in calling events and behaviors as I see them. There’s nothing non-spiritual in saying any of that. It is a contrast.

What I do own is my emotions surrounding the experience. The sadness, disappointment, discouragement, and negative feelings are all my own. I own them and I work on those. Those I clear. But remaining silent in the face of lies serves no one except the liars who intimidate those who might speak out.

Manjushri, take me away!

I know this was not an unusual situation. Having worked in the corporate world, I ran into a lot of personalities like this. However, for someone who was working in the personal development field talking about spiritual concepts, someone who called himself “the buddha of the internet,” there are much higher expectations. He set it up that way. If you don’t want to be called on your behavior, don’t call yourself the buddha.

It finally got to the point where even Mark couldn’t take the games anymore. We had to leave Texas.

We’ve done our best to put the whole experience behind us. He comes up on the radar every once in a while because he’ll write something somewhere. He accused us of “stealing his list” and promptly deleted that portion of his blog entry when Mark called him on it. It’s just an annoyance from a little fish in a big Law of Attraction pond who really doesn’t matter.

His latest exhibition of judgmental anger is in his new book. Chapter one is a laundry list of lies about Mark for which the great guru has expressed his holier than thou forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness for things that never happened is easy when you’re not forgiving yourself. The book is full of untruth couched in spiritual “wisdom.” (Is that Manjushri laughing?) I could go line by line and refute everything. But the people who believe he’s a spiritual guru will never hear it. They are the bamboozled, “hypnotically marketed” into a place where they may never recover.


And those who are not bamboozled don’t need to hear it because they already see through the games.

Mark has been chomping at the bit to speak out, especially about the lies in the book. He wants to set the record straight. I’ve asked him not to. It’s not worth it. But spirit has asked me rather loudly today to write this post. Perhaps it was the Manjushri blessing from the Tibetan Lama.

Perhaps it’s just time to put this behind us. Perhaps none of it matters anymore.

Perhaps I just need to get it off my chest so I can continue writing about things that really matter. Because these ridiculous games of pot shots at us every 3-6 months from Wimberley, Texas are getting old and tired, just like the same stories he tells over and over again in his books.

Or maybe that’s just me being judgmental and I’m the one with the problem.

I do find it ironic that I receive Manjushri’s blessing, and then three times today I am asked to speak about false gurus by synchronicities and friends.

Cut through the illusions

Illusions. There are a lot of them in this world.

It’s all an illusion. All of it. All of the games we play with each other. The fears we express. Even the actions of Mark’s former business partner are coming from anger at his ghosts and fear of losing it all.

These illusions are not us, they are merely the games we play.

But even though they are not real, we still believe them. It’s one of the reasons I don’t write about the former business partner when he acts like a petulant child, and why I encourage Mark not to also. Some people need to believe in the lies, they need to believe the illusions. Even I have had to at times. Perhaps I still do about some things. I never did about him. I found a lot more power in the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is hard to get to unless you really extract yourself from the charlatans and start finding the guru within.

This is the path the real buddha gave us. It is the path of enlightenment and awakening. No course, no clearing audio, and no guru is going to do the work for you because that journey is within yourself.


10 ways to make the new year rock

Everyone is hitting you with new years resolutions right now. I started thinking about what things are going well in my world, and what things I would like to improve. So here’s my own list… some of which I already do. Some I do okay. For some, I am miserably failing! Onwards and upwards, right?

Walk 30 minutes every morning. You’ve probably heard this one million times from one million sources. There’s a reason why walking first thing in the morning, before breakfast, gets recommended so many times. It does a lot for you physically, mentally and spiritually. Before the worries of the day can take over, a brisk walk firs thing works off glucose out of your system so your insulin hormones works better, which keeps your weight down.

It connects you with the natural world before you go into the manufactured world of adult worries, it bridges that time between sleep and awake so that your higher self can speak to you more clearly. I’ve been doing this for 2 years, and it has fundamentally changed my life. My body is happier, my dog is happier, and I am spiritually much happier and clearer. By the time I get to working, I am in a much more focused and clearer state of mind. It is now such a habit that if I miss a day, I feel like the entire day is off somehow.

Make lists. All sorts of lists. Make a list of things that worry you. Make a list of things that inspire you. Make a list of cool ideas. Make a list of the people who lift you up and make you feel good. Make a list of the things that you want to do before you die. Write it all down. When you write it down, you can let go of that anxiety to remember. It creates a placeholder for worries that you can dispatch quickly (or burn!), and it creates a list of things you can focus on when time allows. It also creates freedom from having to remember. When a worry comes up, you can remind yourself that you wrote that down and it will get done when the time is right.

Use technology for good. There’s been a lot written about how the internet is bad for you, Facebook depresses you, Twitter overwhelms you. The internet – or television – or anything else, is exactly what you make of it. Sometimes it is awesome and great, sometimes it makes you feel inferior or defeated.

Here’s a trick to make Facebook make you feel good. All of those people you went to high school, college, or even grade school with are extensions of yourself. Bless them, even the ones that annoy you. They ARE you. They may be your shadow self, but if they are in your awareness, then blessing them blesses you. Hide the people who make you feel bad. Seek out people who inspire you and make you feel good. (Elon Musk makes me feel good about the future of our world. He inspires me to think big.) Use this amazing tool consciously, deliberately, to connect with things that expand your life in a positive way.

Laugh more. Make others laugh more. Find hilarious things. Watch funny videos. Make a commitment to laugh at least 3 times a day. If you fail, roll over that commitment so that you have to laugh 6 times the next day. Life is hilarious. When something annoying happens, think of how to make it funny. Make it a priority! Think of how much money good comedians make. They create immense value in the world. They awaken us to the joy and exuberance that we really are! Let that out of you as much as you can. If it’s not flowing, then cry. Sadness and happiness are both behind the wall we keep up in order to function in life. When we let our sadness express itself, laughter can more easily express itself, too.

Make the mundane miraculous. Imagine how miraculous a mundane activity can be. For example, filling up the water decanter to pour water into the coffee maker. Some mornings, I wish the coffee would just make itself. But HOLY COW, I have clean and pure running water in my HOUSE. Most of human history has not had this. I have the most delicious coffee beans shipped from Africa, roasted by really cool people here in Shasta, and I enjoy this ambrosia every day. That’s a miracle, really.

The fact you’re reading this whenever and wherever you are… across the illusion of time and space. Miracle. You’ve heard that Einstein quote about acting like nothing is a miracle or that everything is. Have you tried experimenting with “everything is a miracle?” It’s kind of mind boggling, really. And it opens up your experience. Walks become a miracle. Your daily list of ideas gets bigger. Your belief in yourself as the miracle you are gets bigger.

There are so many miracles in our experience… miracles that are prerequisite to our life here. The sun is a perfect distance from the earth to create temperature to sustain life. How miraculous is that? So, if that can happen, what can happen in your life? Miracles happen every day. What miracle will you open yourself up to today? This year?

Love yourself. So, if you’re on this list reading this, you’re probably into ho’oponopono. You probably do the “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you,” a lot. Here’s something to add. “I love myself.” When you say, “I love you,” who are you saying it to? Honestly, it’s just you. If you’re taking responsibility for everything that comes into your experience, then you also get to claim the love for yourself too. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. In fact, the more you love yourself, the more it will spill over into loving interactions with everyone else. The love you feel for yourself allows you to have healthy boundaries. It allows you to say “no” when you need to say no. It allows you to know when to say “yes.” Add some “I love myself” into the mix and watch what happens.

Play. What is play to you? Do you feel guilty for playing because there are about 40 other things you should be doing? I actually feel a little guilt for playing right now… writing this is a type of play for me, exploring these ideas makes me feel good. And there’s something inside me that says, “You really should be finishing up that web site for client A. Client B needs his books converted. Client C needs some focus too.” What is play to you? Do more of it. LOTS more of it. Ignore the voice that tells you what you SHOULD be doing. Do what you want to a lot more of the time. Take an entire day to do whatever you want, and begin moving your life towards more of that experience.

Eat whatever you want. Yes, I mean it. I’ve been on every single diet known to mankind. I really have. Vegetarian. Vegan. Primal. Grains. No grains. Juicing. Fasting. This year, screw the diets. Eat what you want, but make sure it makes you feel good. There’s a Christmas Pannettone in the kitchen right now. I would like to eat some, yes I would. So I am going to have some, because it’s Christmas. I might even have another cup or two of that astounding coffee. But tomorrow I’ll probably eat low carb and more vegetables than you’ve ever seen. Overall, I feel better on a mostly vegetable diet. But I’m not going to torture myself and avoid things I would like to enjoy. I eat what I want. And I want to feel good in my body. That’s REALLY what I want. (By the way, I had some pannettone, and immediately had an allergy attack. So, I’m good on the pannettone until next year.)

Say YES to people who make you feel loved, appreciated, and respected. People who don’t support who you really are can drain you. They suck you dry and exhaust you. We’re not going to talk about them. After all, that’s really want they want. Attention. All of your attention, because they’re not giving it to themselves, so they make their own inattention your problem. Let go of the need to save these people from themselves.

We’re happier being alone than we are with people who drain us. And sometimes even the people we love can drain us. We need breaks. We love ourselves, so we put ourselves first. If we need a sabbatical from people, we take it. And we say YES to the people who make us feel good. We say YES to the people who make us laugh, make us happy, and reflect back the feeling of

Meditate. Part of the power of ho’oponopono is that it expands the notion of who you really are. If you are willing to take responsibility for everything that comes into your experience, it naturally expands you. You claim more of your self. You claim power over more of your experience. All of the great spiritual traditions out there allude to our connection to something much larger than who we really are. Here’s the magic: YOU are larger than who you think you really are. The exploration of your inner self, your inner space, is our next frontier. That exploration starts with your unconscious, but it very quickly goes much deeper than that. How deep? You’ll have to meditate to go see. You’ll be amazed.

Overall, give yourself permission to be more than you ever thought possible. You ARE more than you ever thought possible. And you keep growing and expanding! It’s time to claim all of that.

You’ve probably read a lot in the last few years about ascension. I’ve come to the conclusion that ascension isn’t magic, and that many of us are in process on what they call ascension. Ascension, to me, is all of these things I just wrote about. It is discovering who we really are and making that manifest right here, right now. It’s going within to the depths of who we really are, and bringing what we find there out here into this reality to play. It’s letting go of the shoulds and the external games that say we need to be something that we are not. Ascension is simple being who we really are.

So, fellow travelers, ascend into 2014 by just being who you really are. It’s enough. It’s MORE than enough. It’s your new frontier. As you discover these worlds and possibilities within yourself, as you make those manifest here, you automatically change your experience and the whole world. Enjoy the process! That’s entirely what it is.