Month: August 2021

base hit consistency


It’s easy to scroll by pictures of beautiful life experiences on social media and compare yourself to those idealized images. I know. And often you’ll see something that you’d actually like to have. For me right now, it’s completely happy fiddle leaf fig trees. Mine are small, but they have high hopes. So, I could go out and buy a completely full grown fiddle leaf fig tree that is 10 feet tall with lush shiny leaves. But there’s something kind of amazing starting with something small and growing it bigger. Maybe it’s just a little bit of my entrepreneurial spirit. But there’s one thing that has to happen in order to grow anything, from a business, to a plant, or even to get to that …

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intent matters have fun

Intent Matters: Your Audience Knows

When you’re creating something, whether it is a blog post, a video, a project plan, an event, the intent behind your creation matters a lot. If you’re creating something to help people, they can feel it. If you’re creating something for other reasons, they can feel that too. Knowing your intent before you start a project can make or break it. Quite a few years ago, I was working on a project with a friend. As we had known each other for quite a few years, the project meetings always started with chit chat. That would often turn into jokes. And then after a few minutes, we would be laughing so hard our eyes were watering and we’d be unable to speak. It was the …

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hope in the midst of grief

Have you Processed the Grief?

You don’t get out of this life without feeling grief. But it’s going to get you, and me, no matter what. You’re going to experience change in your life, whether or not you instigate it or someone else does. Your pets will die, probably well before you. Your children will begin packing their childhood room and move many states away. You may lose a spouse, a job, friendships, or even your home. Your parents will eventually leave the earth plane. Grief is an inescapable part of life. There’s that model of the 5 stages of grief shared by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969. In it, Kubler-Ross tells us that there are five stages of processing grief. The model has been helpful for many in accepting that …

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something better is coming, yessiree

Words Matter

The words your parents said to you defined how you thought about yourself, your world and your place in it. As a small child, we looked up to these wiser and more experienced beings, and we trusted them completely. In many cases, however, these parents didn’t have positive upbringings themselves, and they were just grown children trying to work through negativity and control placed on them when they were younger. Even after we grow up and go out into the world on our very own adventures, we often bring those words with us whether we like it or not. Try as hard as we may, the imprinting words of insensitive parents can follow us for decades. The words reverberate inside our own heads as the …

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Aristotle didn't count teeth

Reinventing Organizations & Challenging Assumptions

I read a passage in a book recommended to me by a leadership consultant, a friend of my husband who does a lot of leadership and sales coaching. The book, Reinventing Organizations, is a blend of observations of human dynamics in organizations along with observations of advances in human consciousness. And it’s well worth a read. You Can Take Her Out of Corporate America, Sort Of After spending many years in corporate America in the 1990s, I jumped off of that wheel and started working in a more personally congruent way helping people with their online presence. I suppose you could have called that an agency model, but it was more like friend-of-a-friend consulting and dev work. I didn’t want to build out an agency …

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search on your site

How Well Do You Know Your Customer? (Your Analytics Won’t Tell You This)

If you’re looking to learn more about your site visitors, you’re likely looking at your Google Analytics (or other traffic analysis tools) in order to determine who is visiting your site, what they’re looking for, and even your conversion rate. But by default, Google Analytics isn’t going to tell you something important: what are they looking for once they visit your site. Sure, you can tell what they’re looking at, or even what Google searches land a prospective customer on your site. But what happens when they are on your site? Can they search for content, whether help documentation for your product or service, educational materials, or even information about you and your business? You might think that your site is too simple for site …

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