This year has been a year of monumental changes in my life. I’ve moved my family to a new state, suffered through unimaginable heat over the summer, started attending and speaking at WordCamps around the country, made a ton of new friends, deepened some friendships, and lost quite a few others.

Overall, the end of 2018 has landed me and my family in a much better place, though I miss the big mountain and her mysterious skies.

With all of the positive changes, I am finding myself stretching still into new places and new roles. I’ve decided that social media, at least my use of it, needs to change.

Toward that end, I’m rekindling my publishing here. After all, this is my space. No social network can die and remove me.

While I enjoy what Instagram, Facebook, Medium and Twitter offer and the connections I have to friends new and old on those platforms, I have to remember they’re fleeting universes that change. It only took one election cycle for some of them to become echo chambers of discontent.

All of my memories and connections are tied up in a network and platform that could die at any moment. I’ve built my house in a poorly managed state.

It’s sad, but with every death comes a rebirth.

My rebirth… Long form, short form, photos without comment, snarky quips and thoughtful deep pieces. I am all of that, why not express it?

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