We survived the holidays. Barely. Max came home from school one day with a sore throat. Of course, that was the day before the snowstorm hit. Within 48 hours, we were all sick. We also had about 6 feet of snow in the driveway by the end of it.

I was grateful I hit the stores before the storm and sickness, grateful for not having anywhere to go, and grateful that the kids seems to process through the virus quickly. I was even more immensely grateful seeing my awesome neighbor with heavy equipment in my driveway during one break in the snowfall. He cleared the driveway just enough for me to get out to the store and get some more kid’s Advil. Apparently grape flavored Advil is so last year and completely unacceptable to Claire’s discerning palate.


I tried clearing the driveway again the next day, but the plows had come through and made a rock solid berm of snow that made me cry. Literally. I stooed at the edge of the driveway with a shovel and realized that there was no clearing the Luckily, awesome neighbor bailed me out again. And as a return favor I had the pleasure of babysitting their awesome dog for a couple of days.


I may live in the snowiest microclimate in all of California, but I have awesome neighbors and great views and it makes it worth it. Also, escaping to a warmer climate takes all of 45 minutes.

I really should take up skiing or something if I am going to live here. The locals seem to really enjoy the white stuff. I suppose after 3 years of living in Mount Shasta, I should do as the Romans do and stop pining for paradise.

Can I blame the Midwest for ruining me for snow?

I am not complaining. I lived in Texas for 2.5 years. I think after that, I can live anywhere and be happy about it. With apologies to Texans I actually like (all 5 of them), I didn’t like Texas very much.

I have high hopes for 2013. We continue to be blessed in ways I cannot enumerate. The kids are healthy, growing, strong, kind and hilarious. My work keeps turning into adventures of exploration. I have great friends both near and far.

I have many goals for 2013. I plan on doing about 1,500 miles of hiking, running, and walking. That’s about 30 miles a week. So far, so good. But 1,500 is a lot of miles, you know. Good thing it will be a long year.

Santa brought us a piano, an ice cream maker, and a soda stream. I plan on learning at least 10 songs on the piano, making all sorts of frozen treats that aren’t loaded with sugar, and lots of carbonated water.

I also plan on writing more, taking more pictures, and being more public about the truly amazing miracle that is my life.

Life is so good.

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