Magical Bubble of Experience

With Max at his dad’s for the weekend, and Mark training in Arizona, Claire has been rather dismayed that she’s “stuck home with mom.” I know, I’m so awful… the woman who feeds her, nurtures her, reads to her, and takes her all over creation to explore.

So I’ve made an extra effort to take her places while her dad and brother are away. We went to the Science Works museum in Ashland, Oregon. She LOVES this place, and for a small town like Ashland, it’s a great kid’s museum. I consider myself a connoisseur of kid’s museums, having lived and traveled all over the place with my kids.

My favorite is San Jose’s Children’s Discovery Museum, but I’ve only been there when it was crushed and overwhelmed with the and desperate, tired faces of parents on a rainy day a few days after Christmas. I hope to go soon when it is less overwhelmed with people.

Exhibit A: Happy Claire

So, Sunday was an interesting day. First, Claire was happy (see Exhibit A) to be there. But really odd things were happening. We’d end up at certain exhibits by ourselves, and it was almost as if there was a force outside of us that was doing strange yet meaningful things. A pendulum dropping sand that made an image of a heart. A ball that defied gravity to bop Claire right on the head…. twice. A heart image showing up for a moment in a bubble. Bubbles that would form perfect unmoving spheres for a moment then pop.

After, Claire insisted on going to lunch at Grilla Bites. I tried to encourage her to think of somewhere else because parking can be tricky in that area of downtown Ashland. But she insisted, and I like the restaurant, so we went there. Parking was my concern… and we ended up with a spot directly in front of the restaurant. It’s rare to get a spot in that area of Ashland, even more odd that it was directly in front of the restaurant.

These were small signs, but signs nonetheless. They were reminders that we live in a magical universe, and that if we are open to experience miracles, they show up. The additional message was to move this experience from the bubble of a day at the kid’s museum and begin applying that knowledge elsewhere.

There are things in my external environment that I must deal with. Accounting, bleh, and cleaning, and other people’s issues imposing on my reality. And the message I got loud and clear was that it is all me.

I was reminded of that this morning again when a friend said she wished that someone would do something differently. She wanted to experience support from a partner rather than having to be the supporter.

I thought to myself how I had experienced that same emotion. I experienced it as frustration without ever making it to “what if it could be different.” I finally started realizing that it is all me, my experience is all my own, and if I want something to be different, I need to make that change happen myself.

As I support myself emotionally and spiritually, reconnecting with my own inner connection to All That Is, the support I give myself becomes mirrored by my own experience in my external world.

I have had to make some changes lately in my experience, and part of it was establishment of effective boundaries of what is allowed and acceptable in my reality.

We are not victims to our external world. If something isn’t working the way we like, the first step is moving from anger and frustration into the knowledge that it is all us, that others are playing roles so that we may open to the knowledge that it really is all us.

All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players.

Understanding others’ roles in our lives deflates the emotional charge. It allows us to open and allow them to be who they really are rather than just being a player in our drama. And it allows us to say what if it could be different…. and then begin to create that.

The magical experience I had with Claire this weekend was a small microcosm of magic. What it taught me is that the rest of reality is also a magical place where miracles can happen every day… if only I open to them.


Excelling During Turbulent Times

Last year, I wrote a post on Mark’s blog about surviving the shift. I’ve been reminded that we’re still in the midst of some pretty amazing, big changes in how consciousness operates in physical reality. The shift isn’t over. In fact, I think it’s accelerating.

My focus on the shift has changed. Instead of thinking about how to survive the shift, now I’m thinking about how I can excel during the shift.

The key to excelling during the shift is inside you.

Wealth is about perspective

My grandfather worked for IBM during the great depression. While I never met him (he died before I was born), the story goes that he made quite a bit of money during one of the most turbulent times in American history. He also was an entrepreneur, and created a business perfectly situated to take advantage of the growth of manufacturing in post-WW2 Rockford, Illinois.

My grandfather’s success came from being forward thinking, watching trends, and acting upon them. He ensured that he was well positioned to make money during times when others were suffering.

Wealth can be experienced during any time, no matter what circumstances surround you.

Some of the most amazing inventions our world has ever known are happening right now. Yes, even though the economy is shaky, even though we’re learning of severe improprieties in our financial system (that continue unabated), and… well, you get the picture. There’s a LOT Of unrest right now, financially, politically, globally, environmentally, etc.

No matter where you look, you can find something significantly wrong.

Where do you place your attention?

Mark asked me an important question yesterday, a question that has a lot of power.

You see, I unwittingly found myself in a situation in which I was embroiled in drama. One person was being overly dramatic, so I tried to diffuse a situation. Unfortunately, my efforts only created more drama. I really should have known better. I approached the issue like a problem to be solved rather than asking “does this problem need my solving.”

The resultant irritation from allowing myself to be put in that situation was messing up an otherwise good day.

When I mentioned what had happened and how it made me feel, he asked me if my dog was irritating. Is the beautiful mountain view and Shasta summer weather irritating me? Is my pinky finger irritating?

Where are you placing your attention? It is impossible that your whole day is ruined by something that, in the grand scheme of things, is but a pinhead of focus. Yet your attention makes it feel much larger than it really is.

Managing your focus and your attention is the key to excelling during difficult times. If you focus on what’s wrong, you end up magnifying it in your experience. Even if the worst of the worst is happening, there are still elements of your experience that are okay. And there are other elements of your experience that are beyond okay, there are elements that are downright amazing.

The thought-process-interrupt happens when you take control of your focus and attention and bring it within your body.

Our minds, our ego-self, is very good at finding out what is wrong with an experience. That is your ego’s job, to find something wrong and protect you from it. But, as you know, letting the ego run the show is detrimental to our well-being.

By managing focus away from ego perception and centering ourselves in heart/gut/body based focus, we expand our awareness, sharpen our focus, and manage our attention so that we have a more realistic view of reality.

This managed focus is the key to excelling during change. Actually, it is becoming a prerequisite to managing our experience as this shift is happening.

Manifesting reality is becoming increasingly easy. Time constructs are becoming more malleable. And because of this, we are being asked to become more expert manifesters of reality.

How to manifest during challenging times

Challenging times do nothing more than sharpen your awareness. When times are easy and good, we have less of a demand on our energy and time. Challenge requires us to either step up to the plate or fall apart. Sometimes we do a little of both. And sometimes the vulnerability of falling apart makes stepping up to the plate a little easier. The vulnerability gives us the ability to see things differently, our values are sharpened, and our focus becomes more intent.

For example, if you have perfect health, do you eat donuts for breakfast? Maybe not every day, but one day of donuts isn’t going to affect you very much. If you are going through a health challenge or a disease, do you eat donuts for breakfast? Or are you instead focused on gaining as much nutrition as possible to support your health and heal your body?

Challenge sharpens focus.

The challenges of our world are giving us an opportunity to sharpen our focus, to set our intentions, and to step up to the plate in ways we never did before. It is happening globally as we deal with all sorts of environmental, political, and financial challenges.

And it is happening within you. You are being asked to sharpen your focus, pay attention, and manage your attention.

Within you are solutions. You have everything that you need within yourself to heal your life, your body, your finances, and your experience. Fall apart if you need to, but then sharpen your focus and move through the challenge, reshaping your life into what you want it to be. As you do this, as we ALL do this, we begin to shape our collective lives into the world and experience we want it to be.

See, now this is the spot where most internet marketers would say “and I have a product for that!” Which we do, hahaha, but you can easily do this yourself by becoming more mindful, by exercising your attention, by paying attention to your integrating dream state, and by expanding your understanding of who you really are.

You can also use Mind Power for Free to learn how to manage your attention and gain control of your mind.

You are more than you think you are. By claiming that, affirming it, and welcoming it, you will excel in the shifting sands of our experience. You will align with the larger part of who you are, allow the facade to fall apart, and recreate a life that you have always dreamed of.

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Trends in Sales and Marketing

Fundamentals never change. But what are the fundamental aspects of sales and marketing, and what are the fads?

The fundamental basis of sales and marketing is relationships. Obviously, no one gets paid until something is sold. There are two ways you can sell: you can manipulate a “prospect,” or you can connect with a human being and explain how your product and service will meet their needs.

The internet has changed sales and marketing. However, they don’t change the fundamentals of sales and marketing: a relationship must exist between the product creator and the consumer. This lack of attention to the fundamental relationship between seller and buyer is the key to the problems in our culture.

The internet is just another method of connecting people in relationship across geographic distance. Because the internet allows people to connect with others who are more suited to their mindset, it exposes the reality of the sales process much more. It makes it more apparent when someone is deepening a relationship, and it makes it more apparent when someone is ripping a customer off.

We see it. We can see the company that only wants the sale who does not stand behind their product that breaks 2 weeks before its warranty. We see the company that sells us a product that doesn’t work unless you buy something else. We can see straight through the marketer who charges too much with the attitude that he’s doing great work if he can convince people to pay more than something is worth.

A recent article noted that tablet users (iPad, etc.) are a very important demographic. The early adopters, tablet users are showing us the way the internet (and internet sales) will be going. And tablet users are more discerning. They research more, they dig deeper, and they become very informed about the products they purchase.

They are leading the way… and the rest of the internet users will follow. It will become harder for the rip offs to continue finding victims.

Psychology Today recently ran this article about The Business of Manipulation. Within the article is a graphic, a matrix of different types of marketers. Unfortunately, many of the marketers in this country don’t know how to be anything more than “dealers” (selling a product they don’t believe in and don’t use themselves) and cannot fathom what it is like to be “facilitators” (selling a product they use themselves).

To the person focused on their own profit above serving customers, the goal of the sales and marketing is money. The mailing list exists to get sales. If a marketer of this ilk talks about relationship marketing, the relationship exists only to create sales.

Markets are made of people

Last week, I ran some metrics on our mailing list. We’re getting XX% opens on our newsletters, and I wanted to learn more about our list. As I am writing the scripts to run comparisons, I realized how wrong that attitude is. In this list made up of thousands of email addresses, there are individual emails… these trees in the forest. These email addresses are PEOPLE. There are a core group of people who open every single email we send out. And there are others who open most of them. We have relationships with those people. They are customers, but they are also friends.

In the internet marketing world, I am encouraged to find ways to manipulate the list to get more opens and clicks. I am encouraged to become a dealer, to focus on improving metrics, and “get the money out of the list.”

While you can break down customer demographics, group them, and learn about them in segments, the primary element marketers seem to forget is that markets are made of people.

Sales and marketing are changing

I can think of a few internet marketers who will think I am insane. They’ll tell me I need to create a syndicate and work with other internet marketers to extract money from lists of targets. I think they’re wrong.

And I think that’s going to change. People are wising up. Savvy consumers are more discerning about where to spend their money. People are researching more before they buy, and they’re demanding more than a product shipped on time. They’re demanding your attention to their needs.

Smart marketers are providing more value. Smart businesses are solving problems that we never knew we had.

Smart marketers are being honest. Truthful. And they’re connecting on a deeper level.

People are changing

As people, we’re changing. We’re becoming deeper and more aware, and the businesses we deal with are being asked to become deeper and more aware. We’re meditating more and exploring more aspects of our consciousness. We’re learning more about our multitudinous aspects of consciousness through deeper dreaming,

The simple act of meditation makes us more aware of subliminals. We’re not as open to manipulation as we were before. We are making conscious decisions based upon what we really need and want, not based on emotional appeals and high pressure sales tactics.

We’re demanding deeper connection in our relationships, in our entertainment, and in the communication that arrives in our home. That goes for all sorts of businesses.

How to succeed in the new landscape

Marketers are scrambling. People are watching less television, reading fewer newspapers, and less magazines. People are turning to online venues for their news, information, and connection.

To succeed means to get back to fundamentals. It means to look less at viewers, subscribers, and readers as a number and more as what they really are: people. It means looking beyond the metrix, beyond the matrix, and connecting with people in a relationship that actually improves their lives.

To develop those relationships, get to know your customers. Find out who they are. Find out what makes them happy, what challenges them, and solve their problems.

Along with finding out who your customers are, find out who YOU really are. What makes you happy, what challenges you, and solve your own problems in an interdependent way with your customers.

You are not that unique. The problems and challenges you have are the problems and challenges your customers have. Solve your own problems and extrapolate those solutions towards other human beings experiencing the same issues.

In The Wealth Diet, I provided some exercises that have worked for me to determine what things make me feel wealth from the inside out. Those also translate into methods of finding business solutions that make you happy as well as your customers.

But above all else, when you start to explore your heart and the energy within your being, you cannot help but expose who you really are. Allow that to flow, and the customers you were meant to serve begin to show up.