I rarely watch TV anymore. In fact, we don’t have traditional television, only a Roku. Well, Claire is a huge Chris Martin/Coldplay fan, so I loaded up the 121212 concert for her last night so she could see him.

I have always enjoyed music. While I look back on some of my high school music choices with wonderment (just why did I like Adam Ant so much?), I think I have some fairly decent and eclectic musical tastes. But in the last 10 years, I haven’t listened to much music. Well, unless you consider the myriad renditions of Itsy Bitsy Spider that I’ve heard true music appreciation… then I suppose I’ve listened to music. So when I fire up some tunes, I’m usually jet setting back to the 80’s or earlier.

I made a commitment earlier this year to listen to more music. I bought myself a Pandora One account, and I started telling it what I wanted to hear. One day, Coldplay The Scientist came on my R.E.M. station. I thought, wow, this is a beautiful song. I wonder who sings it? Then I listened to it a few more times.

Claire, always present and listening along, decided that it was her new most favorite song ever. We watch the video. Who is the guy? I go look it up. His name is Chris. Thereafter, she would only listen to a song if Chris sings it. Our Coldplay appreciation grew. She has her favorites (Clocks, The Scientist, Paradise, Viva La Vida), but she also appreciates many of the more obscure Coldplay songs.

One great thing: she wants to learn how to play the guitar and the piano because Chris does. Bingo. I’ll capitalize on the fangirl crush and we’ll make that one happen! At least I have one kid interested in music; Max could care less.

So, I turn on the concert and go about my business. Oh look, there’s Roger Waters. Eddie Vedder. Holy crap, Eric Clapton. By the time they got to The Who, I was full on singing at the top of my raspy cold-filled lungs and dancing around to Baba O’Riley embarrassing myself in front of my children.

I may have scared the dog.

But seriously. Roger Daltrey blew me away. He’s freaking 68. He and Pete Townshend freakin stole the show.

I did not expect to enjoy the 121212 Concert as much as I did, but it was exceptional. (Except Kanye. Why Kanye, I will never understand. There are multiple east coast based rappers that they could have chosen that would have been more appropriate and interesting. I am glad Kanye was singing rather than speaking, given his poorly chosen incendiary words during the hurricane Katrina fundraiser. I wonder if Mike Myers ever recovered.)

And then, after staying up late to see her beloved Chris Martin, Claire jumps up and down and hugs the TV. Then he brings out Michael Stipe. Oooh, more fun for me. Poor Claire… she was rather disappointed! I let her watch the Coldplay 2012 concert today to make up for her disappointment. And she asked, “Where are Chris’ friends?” She actually noticed that the rest of Coldplay wasn’t there.

And oh, Chris Martin, I hope you are rocking as hard as Daltrey/Townshend in 40 years. Still blown away.

And of course, DONATE. Lots of people on the east coast are hurting big time after Hurricane Sandy. I hope you were as inspired as I was to reach out and help others who need it.

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